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Drive 9-18-2012

I’m here!  I know I have not posted in a little while. I have just been so busy, although really there’s not much to report.  The horses are great, and I’ve been concentrating on preparing Chewbacca for the show in … Continue reading

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Awesome Coolness!

OK…. I must have been a good little girl lately, either that, or this is repayment for the monumental disappointment I experienced from not being able to compete in August’s CDE.  Or, it’s just on the off chance that my … Continue reading

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Finally! Pics AND Video!!!

Today was a really nice day.  Hot. But nice.  I got to the barn around 730, a little later than I wanted to, actually.  My goal was to work everyone before it go too hot.  It was getting pretty much … Continue reading

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I made it to 33!

Whew.  What a year.  12 months ago today, I turned 32. About 3 months later, I found the lump in my thigh that lead to 2 large surgeries, removal of a muscle in my leg, radiation therapy, having my skin … Continue reading

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More Morning Escapades… Photographic Overload

Warning… lots of pictures! The last few days, it seems I  just keep getting up earlier and earlier.  As a result, of course, by about 3 in the afternoon I’m ready to drop.  lol!  But at least I’m having productive … Continue reading

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Thank You For The Votes

To those that voted in the National Anthem contest, I’d like to thank you.  Sadly, I did not win.  But At least I was a finalist.  Yay.  That’s the most impressive thing I’ve done this year.  umm…… hmm….  Good thing … Continue reading

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Trio Regrouped

Well, Chewbacca came back to home base yesterday.  As nice as it’s been having him at the show barn receiving jumping training, it was very nice to get him home and see him back with Luke and Dixie.  They seemed … Continue reading

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