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Year End Totals

Well, I certainly do *hope* my driving days for 2012 have not fully come to a close, but normally, I am pretty much done with driving by Thanksgiving time, as the weather just gets too wet, cold, and generally unpleasant … Continue reading

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Great Drives, Grand Prix, Rain, and more!

Well, it has certainly been a busy busy busy few days since my last post.   My driving time has been wonderful.  After a good long road drive for both the boys earlier in the week, the last couple of drives … Continue reading

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Driving Canceled Due to — RAIN?!!?

WOW!  For a long while it seemed like we were never going to get any rain.  We’ve been in a drought, there’s a watering ban in effect, lawns are dying everywhere, and the temperatures have been so high lately, I’m … Continue reading

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First Show Updates! Minis Tandem #15

A week or so ago, there were 4 entries for the upcoming horse show.  I was happy to be a part of it, and looking forward to having fun and learning a few things, small show regardless. Now, I’ve come … Continue reading

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Chewbacca Drive 68; Tandem Drive 14

Can you believe I’ve been keeping track of every single training session with Chewbacca since the first time I put on long lines back in March, 2011?  lol.  Once he took his first drive in July, I had already been … Continue reading

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My life… what a ride!

I am definitely, DEFINITELY, I have no doubts whatsoever…. CURSED. I am like an endless run of bad luck covered in black clouds.   I’ve been laid off.   Awesome, right?   The last 4-5 months have been such a … Continue reading

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2 and counting!!

I have today and tomorrow left.  That’s it!!! YAY!!!  8 long, grueling, and painful weeks, and I’m down to 2 radiation treatments left.  I cannot WAIT to be done.  Although I won’t know what to do with myself come Wednesday … Continue reading

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