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Fun Show!

Now, don’t get too excited about my prospects for horse showing, after my last post, lol!  Nothing has changed and the trailer is still a wreck.  Not sure how to proceed, or if I even want to fix it.  I … Continue reading

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Impromptu Horse Show & 1st Fair Photo Results

Well, where to begin?  It’s just busy busy busy and even though I’m not (really) showing horses this year, and somehow my driving hours have tanked dramatically, I’m still running around like crazy and exhausted. Seriously, usually by now, I … Continue reading

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A Perfect Spring Day for Driving

I got a bright start to the weekend and in lieu of Mother’s Day activities (which were commenced on Saturday instead), I was at the barn by 6am to get the boys out driving.   This very short video pretty much … Continue reading

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The Pebbles We Lay

Sometimes we need  a brick path in life to walk on.  But building a path brick by brick can be a little overwhelming, and when one doesn’t fit, you have to just dig it up and do it all over … Continue reading

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Snow Day Photos

It’s been a rough start to the year in terms of the weather …. see last post.  Only 12 days in to January and I am dying to end winter break and put the horses back to work and get … Continue reading

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Luke the Hyper

  The other day I put the boys out in a different paddock for some play time, and to get grass and dry(ish) ground under their hooves.  They were in this lot a few days prior and both of them … Continue reading

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An Unexpected Horse Show

There was a horses show over the holiday weekend that had been event #3 on my list of things to attend.  However, since I still had not even attended #1 or 2, I figured on 3 being out…. especially with … Continue reading

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