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Big Adventures. Big Changes. BIG dream.

My life has literally turned completely around in the last few years.  I fully believe in what my blog banner says – dare to dream big.  It will happen.  It takes its time, and apparently (in my case anyway), those … Continue reading

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Another Wildlife Photoshoot

The weather took a bit of  a turn and our warm summer quickly disappeared.  Amazingly enough, the temperatures dropped into the 60’s and Monday and half of Tuesday were full of rain.  … well at least that got me out … Continue reading

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How Not To Drive CDE

If you haven’t seen this, definitely take a look:   In other news, the horses are doing great.  Things will be very busy for me over the course of the next 3 weeks, and you should be seeing plenty of … Continue reading

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My little E.R. trip….

Well, since I have not seen the E.R. (for myself) since according to them 2009 – I guess I’ve been “good” and was due for a little hospital-esque adventure. Soo… what happened was, I put the boys out in the … Continue reading

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Driving Show #3

For years, I haven’t shown at all, and then I had a few chances to show in 2010.  Now all of a sudden, I’m getting so many opportunities to show, that I’ve done 2 shows in 3 weeks!  Wow. My … Continue reading

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Random Smattering of Pictures

As the title suggests… random smattering of pictures over the last few days.  I haven’t been up to much.  No driving, no ground driving, heck no walking for me.  Until my leg is stronger, my horse work is on hiatus. … Continue reading

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Marathon Horse in the Making…

Well, what a wonderful week it’s been.  The weather has been fantastic, the horses have all been great.  I’ve lost 2 more pounds! (Down by 38 now).  How much longer can this last?! LOL.  Last night I headed to the … Continue reading

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