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Horse Show Photos

As typical with me, no updates for a while and then updates every day. Just wanted to share some of the photos from the show I volunteered at.  Just a couple pics of some of the competitors.  Another show on … Continue reading

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A Week In The Life Of My Horses

I’m sure you haven’t really wondered, but just on the off chance you were curious what a weekly work load looks like for my horses,  this is it:              

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What a GREAT Weekend of Horse Showing!!!!!

  This past weekend was my big event of the year!  The two day long American Driving Society sanctioned Horse Driving Trial (HDT) put on at a farm just over 1/2 hour from my home! I hope you’ve got some … Continue reading

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Pictures, Pictures, and more Pictures…

One thing my blog usually features is pictures.  If you didn’t notice 😉  I am an amateur photog.  Recently I got a new lens, my very first pro lens…. after 5 years, I thought it was time. I LOVE IT. … Continue reading

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Ponies at Play

Well, normally, I give my crew a 4 month winter break.  From November straight on through March, they get to be lumps in the field, and other than some playtime in the arena and trick work, they don’t have much … Continue reading

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Nearing the End….

Well, I’ve been truly enjoying my “vacation” that I’ve been on almost this whole year.  Plenty of horse time to be found, and I’ve put in many hours in the box driving everyone.  Winter is moving in now, the days … Continue reading

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Trail Driving Adventures

I don’t know why, but this never got posted from last weekend… I love being able to get out and do different things with the horses.  It builds experience, it’s nice to see different scenery and do different things, and … Continue reading

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CDE training times

After last weekend’s uber cool HDT, I have the itch to compete for myself something awful! Unfortunately, (as usual) my great plans about how I was going to show in that last event crashed in on me, but I’m not … Continue reading

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Chewbacca Hits 100 ~~ TWICE!

Well, today was a double 100 day! Chewbacca went out and rocked on his morning drive today.  This was his 100th drive!!  His first hitch was in mid-July last year, and since then he has accrued 100 drives under his … Continue reading

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Holiday Heat

The weather has been getting to be unbearable.  I’m learning that I have just no tolerance anymore for the heat.  I’m overheating and dehydrating very easily and getting sick to my stomach and shaky doing next to nothing outdoors. All … Continue reading

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