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Appreciating Our Equines

Fun topic I saw another fun blog I read… and I decided to promptly steal it!  🙂 Take a moment to appreciate the pros (and maybe even the cons) of the equines that are in your life!  I’ll start… Chewbacca … Continue reading

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My little E.R. trip….

Well, since I have not seen the E.R. (for myself) since according to them 2009 – I guess I’ve been “good” and was due for a little hospital-esque adventure. Soo… what happened was, I put the boys out in the … Continue reading

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Chewbacca is famous. Sort of.

The American Driving Society publishes a magazine every 3 months, which goes out to all its members.  It is called The Whip, and it is really a club newsletter on steroids.  Complete with advertising for harness shops & breeders, and … Continue reading

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2012 Coming to a Close

Well, it’s almost that time of the year again, and you know what that means! It means I change the title of my blog from Life in 2012 to… well, you get the idea.  I think I need a more … Continue reading

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Random Smattering of Pictures

As the title suggests… random smattering of pictures over the last few days.  I haven’t been up to much.  No driving, no ground driving, heck no walking for me.  Until my leg is stronger, my horse work is on hiatus. … Continue reading

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Finally ! The barn!

  You know, the doctors told me I need to move around, and they told me that they might set up with physical therapy if I find I’m having trouble walking. What they don’t understand is that I have the … Continue reading

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The Last Drives Of The Year

Well, I did it again.  A long, long time ago I said I usually never work any of my horses two days in a row.  But I’m also trying to squeeze in every last drive I can possibly manage, and … Continue reading

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