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250 Hours Pin

Yay! My 250 hour pin from the American Driving Society arrived!  With the hours I logged this year, I’m already on a solid start towards my 500 hour pin, which is the next award pin.  At the rate I am … Continue reading

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The Road I’ve Traveled

Just a little app that showed up on my Facebook feed.   I have spent quite… QUITE… a bit of time recently thinking about the road of my life (thus far).  This fun little App seemed almost oddly appropriate for my … Continue reading

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The Look of Disdain

…. that’s pretty much the look on Chewie’s face everytime I go to drive him.  LOL!  He’s such a good boy, I simply cannot express how much I love driving him, but arena work is definitely not his first love.   … Continue reading

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Fun Show!

Now, don’t get too excited about my prospects for horse showing, after my last post, lol!  Nothing has changed and the trailer is still a wreck.  Not sure how to proceed, or if I even want to fix it.  I … Continue reading

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It’s been a little while since I posted anything.  I can not believe that September is here and August has run out on me.  Wow, I feel like I’ve gotten absolutely nothing accomplished.  Incredible. Well, I guess I really didn’t … Continue reading

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Impromptu Horse Show & 1st Fair Photo Results

Well, where to begin?  It’s just busy busy busy and even though I’m not (really) showing horses this year, and somehow my driving hours have tanked dramatically, I’m still running around like crazy and exhausted. Seriously, usually by now, I … Continue reading

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Massive Photo Overload

OK… I advise you to sit down.  Well, OK, you probably are. I have definitely been checking off things on my list of goals to accomplish this year, and although some of them failed, like Andy, for the most part, … Continue reading

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