About Me

I am a life long equestrian, science fiction fan, and amateur nature photographer.   If it involves horses or spaceships or Nikon cameras, I’m usually all over it.  I love going to conventions and costuming up and my fiancee is debuting his first costume in 2019 too! As a former equestrian I rode and competed in low-level/open shows in Hunter, Dressage and driving.  I’ve done a little Combined Driving in addition to spending hours and miles on the roads, trails, and in the arena.

In 2018, I lost Chewbacca, my QH gelding that I trained to drive in 2011 and Luke Skywalker, my hackney driving pony extraordinaire.  Now I have Dixie the little mini mare that started it all, and Jesse, the black mini.  They are both growing old, and hanging out and enjoying life.

In 2011, I experienced a slew of major life changes.  I stopped riding and switched into driving, and I also heard the words “you have cancer”.   Wow!  What a year.  I survived soft tissue sarcoma in my thigh, and luckily was able to move on with life with a whole new perspective.

In 2015, I escaped a 12 year long abusive marriage and in 2016 I met the man of my dreams and fantasies and together, we are building a life that is beyond anything my imagination could have created.  We are getting married in November 2019 in Key West on the beach under a palm tree!  How is that for incredible?!

Thanks for reading!

8 Responses to About Me

  1. Wendy says:

    Good luck with your horses! You should check out our equine photography blog – Capture The Light Equine (http://capturethelightequine.blogspot.com/). And maybe you can come to one of our workshops in Kentucky! We’re having one just before the Kentucky Derby and just after the Rolex 3-day eventing… 😉

  2. Hello,

    Just wanted to say I’ve been reading on COTH and you are such a great inspiration. there are already over 18K hits on your one post!

    I agree with most about the heavy on the left, heavy in the saddle… Congrats on making some changes to improve your horsemanship. I am really proud of you, even though I don’t know you. I do expect to hear great things about you oneday soon.

    I do have one suggestion. I am involved in endurance and competitive trail riding, In CTR, you are judged (constructive critisism) on your skills and lots of suggestions are made to help you improve. I thought I could ride great, then I casually did a ctr. I was really upset and mad that someone would pick me apart so much (mounting, walking, hills, etc.) But, guess what… I improved. No on had ever told me I did things wrong. So, when they did I was flabbergasted, and offended, ha! So now I don’t make those same mistakes, but the brutal honesty sometimes hurts.

    Hang in there gal! Congrats on loosing 10 lbs- the first 10 and last 5 are hardest to lose or so i hear.

    Sarah in NC

  3. Becky says:

    Saw what you wrote on the FHTD site and came over to see your videos. I am a plus size rider too. We have lots of things to struggle with when we carry the extra weight, not the least of which is worrying about how we are affecting our horses. I watched your videos and I think you are doing well. I think I read that you are in the Chicago area. Me too. Would love to chat with you if you are interested. Send me an email.

  4. A Smith says:

    please delete my e-mail address from your site

  5. Jess says:

    Found ya sista!

  6. Jess says:

    I plan on it! I’m really happy to have met you👽

  7. Carol Elston says:

    wow I have a horse you would love in my backyard,,,, too big for me though 😦

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