The Year is Half Over

It’s hard to believe how fast the year is going, how little I’ve been posting, and how much there actually is to talk about. I don’t even know where to begin.

Well…. gotta start somewhere. In my last post (or the 1st post of 2022), I introduced our newest little bundle of floofy bunny love to the house, Rey.

Rey is now a little over 5 months old. I had mentioned about how much Fizz seems to love Rey. That is true. Fizz loves her little kid sister. Fizz wants to play with Rey. Fizz sits near Rey. Fizz just wants nothing but to be around Rey.

So why are they separated?

Well…… spoiler alert– introducing rabbits to each other is brutal. Please, by all means, put a mare out into a herd of cryptorchids. I promise, it will be an easier time.

Rey is absolutely vicious towards Fizz. They’ve had a few accidental moments of interaction, when Rey has slipped through the gate or for whatever reason, they’ve occupied the same moment of spacetime, and it has not gone well at all. My hand still has an indent from where I picked Rey up by her teeth when she lunged for Fizz and in my effort to protect Fizz from injury, I ended up with a 1.5 lb bundle of fuzzy teeth hanging off my hand. Yea, that happened.

Rey, for being so small, has been nothing but hyper aggressive and dominant towards Fizz. There has been 0 sucess even letting them sniff through the fencing. Rey will try to bite and attack Fizz through the smallest crack.

We don’t want Fizz getting hurt, so they are separated.

Rey is almost 6 months old so we will have her spayed as soon as she hits that birthday. Spaying will help (we hope) calm her down, stop inappropriate urination and hopefully curb this aggression. Otherwise, she’s the sweetest little love bug.

Both bunnies want to be around us and run around the house and play. They just can’t do it together. Like at all. Fingers crossed there. eeek.

In other news, Jesse is doing fantastic. He had all of his incisors (12) and 1 loose molar removed on 12/15/2021 due to EOTRH. He recovered perfectly and I haven’t had a problem with him since. He is even driving bitless these days.

This summer, we are apparently re-visiting his mystery malady from last year, but far less severe, thankfully. Still, every allergy treatment from scrubs to ointments to medications and supplements have not helped at all. He’s been treated for mites, parasites, infection, fungus, and basically every allergen. He’s so itchy! He rubbed out some of his tail head, most of the hair on his chest, and some under his mane. We’ve been trying new meds almost every 2 weeks to see if anything helps. If anyone has suggestions, I’d love to know.

Happily otherwise, he is healthy, fat, and still just a blast to drive out on the trails. Of course, at age 26, and me… not at age 26 (tee hee) and with a back that barely works…. who knows how many more drives are in our future. Every time I take him out, I think, this could be our last. I’m too broken, and he’s getting old. But so far, I’ve still managed to eek out another drive.

And speaking of DRIVE….. I’ve been a bit hellbent on getting a new car recently. Sometime late last year, I decided I wanted to get a new SUV in the spring. There were several issues relating to me getting one… for one, half our garage is full of someone else’s belongings (super long story there), employment security (long story there), and well… just the flat out cost of a new SUV. Have you ever priced out a brand new Jeep Grand Cherokee. Eeeep.

Well, after months of looking, and MONTHS, and I do mean months, of working on cleaning out the garage, causing much family strife (long story), I did end up finding a beautiful new(ish) SUV that I fell in love with. Right after Covid started in 2020, we test drove a couple cars just for the heck of it. My husband wanted something new, and I got the chance to play around with a few SUV’s.

One of the ones I drove was a Kia Seltos. It was brand new, and it was $30,000. Waaaaaayyyyy too expensive coming from someone who’s never bought more than a $14,000 vehicle ever.

Eventually, my husband ended up with a brand new Elantra with 0 miles on it. He’s had a year, and it still only has about 1200 miles on it, lol. Working from home is a charmer.

About a month ago, I found a Kia Seltos that I thought I could almost afford. With trade-in values being basically the highest they’ve ever been, and the Seltos prices being so high, I figured this was a good time to get a great value on my Kia Rio and upgrade.

I absolutely love the Seltos. I did get it used, it’s a 2021. But it has low miles, and is warranteed for 11 years to come, so I’m thrilled. For the money this vehicle cost; it better last me the next 20 years. I have only just sent through my first payment, and I already can’t wait for it to be paid off so I have that money every month LOL!

I have 0 intentions of getting another new car anytime soon, but if and when I do, it will absolutely be another SUV. After having Jeep GC’s most of my driving life, and my big V8 GMC Envoy I used to haul Luke and Jesse around to shows, I just can’t go back to another sedan or coupe again.

And, on another fun topic; we are getting close to our big big big trip!

My husband is an amazing person. He’s smart, adventurous, and spontaneous, not to mention loving and passionate with a heart of solid platinum (way better than gold, lol!).

So last March when we were looking forward to our trip to Jamaica at the end of the year, somehow or other, we got to talking about what other trips we might like to take.

We have a huge bucket list already. Ironically, most of the places on our bucket list (which is a literal physical list I painted and hangs on the wall), are not places we’ve actually been making travel plans to go visit. So bucket list #2 was born, to accommodate all the new places we have plans to go.

Usually people dream of where they want to travel, and those places are their bucket list. Through literally years of slow and steady saving and payments, my husband and I are getting to travel to dream places that we actually never imagined going to before. Ever.

The “big trip” for me that I wanted to do was take a cruise to the Bahamas. We did that back in 2019, and he proposed to me on that cruise.

Besides engaged… we also got SO SEASICK on it, we decided basically cruising was not for us, and we would never cruise again.

So naturally, we then decided in 2021 to book a 14 night – yes…. 14 night— cruise to Europe. Because… yea.

So this amazing trip, which we’ve been diligently paying on for almost 2 years already, is coming! We are less than 290 days away, and we can’t wait.

J’apprende le Francaise pour cette vacances.

Look at that! 3 of our destinations on this cruise are to French speaking locations, Halifax, St. Pierre & Miquelon (which are French territories) and actual France France. We plan to hit up Paris during our day trip there, and if the time allotment is just right, we hope to see the Louvre, The Eiffel Tower, and a smaller version of the Staute of Liberty just a few blocks away from the Eiffel Tower.

And I’ve been learning French slowly since March 2021. I definitely do not feel confident in my speaking (or understanding spoken conversation) skills at this point, but I do feel comfortable reading & writing French, and I think we can probably navigate the French metro pretty well to get around Paris. I’m not sure if there’s going to be a lot of English signs around to help us, although I’m sure there will be; it’s still nice to have a bit of a back up of understanding the French language a bit.

Now, as if that one trip just isn’t enough… because why would it ever be? Each trip might be Once in a Lifetime, but it’s OK to have more than 1 trip in a lifetime …. we are planning and saving for another trip, and another and another…

2023- Transatlanic cruise to Europe – highlights include spending the night in Iceland where we will hopefully see the Nothern Lights. Visiting Belfast and seeing the Harland and Wolff Shipyards and the Belfast Titanic museum!!!!! And Paris. Amazing. So amazing. Our ship is actually taking a route that goes just a bit more north of where the Titanic lies at the bottom of the ocean, and the ship itself is nearly the same width and length as the Titanic, just taller.

2024…. well, our big trip for 2024, which will take every bit of the 3 full years we will have been saving for it by the time we go, needs no introduction:

Both of us has always wanted to go to Disney. We decided to pull the trigger on it, and make it happen. We’re going to do it once… and once only. Truly a once in a lifetime trip for sure…. and it’s more expensive than that cruise in 2023.

We plan to stay for a full week, and we will be staying part of the week in Animal Kingdom facing the Savannah…. it’s as close to Africa as I’ll probably ever get, lol. No, we are not staying in the 2 day immersive experience Star Wars Hotel. Because… $5,000… that’s why. $5,000 for 2 nights. Disney – you nuts.

However, 6 full nights at Disney, park admission to 4 parks for 2 people, high end resort stays, and food… oh the food…. not to mention Genie + passes, the Photo Memory Maker, and all the other expenses will absolutely make Disney the single most expensive vacation we ever even plan on doing in our lives. Period.


In 2025, we added another check box to the bucket list and are deep into planning a trip to Turks and Caicos. After paying as much as we’ve budgeted for Disney, going to TCI is going to seem cheap!

2026, we have already selected our Costa Rica birding adventure destination. I can not WAIT to go birding in Costa Rica. And the resort we picked is incredible. And that still won’t cost as much as Disney.

Some other bucket list check boxes are a bit more “tame” (and thankfully not quite as expensive). We don’t have plans for any of these yet, but we do want to hit Vegas, Seattle, The Everglades National Park, Alaska, and… oh… 2029 (our 10 year wedding anniversary…) Egypt.

LOTS to plan for, most of it already planned. LOTS to look forward to. Jobs to pay for it all? That remains to be seen…. (long story). New SUV. Check.

2022 itself has been a pretty good year, I must say! Although we aren’t actually planning to take any trips this year, we might go visit my parents for Thanksgiving and bum around Manhattan for a day. I’ve always wanted to see the tree at Rockefeller which is something I’ve never actually done. So hopefully we can have a nice little road trip later this year – and a major sailing early next year!

Now, if somehow we end up a free floating fortune, and could do an epic vacation, I think I would probably want to go to the Jade Mountain Resort in St. Lucia. Google it. Better yet, YouTube it. Jade Mountain. Oh, I would also want to take the $250,000 per person journey to the Titanic, which yes, is actually a thing. Jade Mountain would be considerably cheaper, though. LOL!

Enjoy your travels! What are your travel goals and dream destinations?

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