April Showers

It has literally been raining here non stop since the beginning of April.  We are submerged.  Seriously!  It can stop any time.

But, to that end – lots of rain sure does make for lush spring grass.

Horses 04-04-2017

Here is a very, very rare photo of all four in one frame!  This does not happen very often for several reasons… besides the fact that the 4 horses to 1 human ratio can be challenging at best, especially when there’s bright green grass as incentive, Dixie (at the front) is also easily the worst one to lead out of all them.


I mean it, she really is!  At 22 years old, I’ve given up on ever trying to get her to be a cooperative or mannerly animal.  (Heck, I gave up on that 10 years ago…)  She is a little butt.  A smart little butt, but still a little butt.

And another reason for not brining them all out together is because Luke and Chewbacca (especially Chewie) absolutely despise the minis.  Literally every other horse on the entire property gets along fine with the minis, except the 2 that I own.

Chewbacca has, in the past, viciously and aggressively attacked Jesse,, trying to pick him up by the back of the neck and shake him.  He was trying to kill Jesse.  Luke had once viciously attacked Dixie, knocking her to the ground and kneeling on top of her, biting her before I was able to break it up.

When I say my horses do not get along – I mean it.  I’ve never dealt with truly aggressive horses before – I mean, they all fight and bite and pick and do the squealing kicking baloney, sure, but Chewbacca is downright a pit-fighting horse.  He has been in serious fights with other horses – actually trying to kill them.  It can be a little shocking to see 2 horses truly trying to kill each other, and when you know Chewbacca is a sweet and gentle horse that would never do wrong around a person, then he turns and violently attacks another horse trying to kill him, it can be shocking to see.

Just call him Jekyll and Hyde.

He used to live with a small group of geldings, then a couple mares, and he got along fine with all of them.  His aggressiveness started about 2 years ago – not coincidentally around the same time he went lame due to his suspensory ligament desmitis.  Hmm…

But he loves Luke.  They are buddies.

So they get to run free on the property sometimes and eat the front yard up.  This day, I also brought the minis with us.   And after I brought the minis back to the barn (down a hill, around the house, and well out of sight of the front yard…. I simply rattled a bucket of treats and watched Chewbacca and Luke come shooting down at full on gallop to get their treats.

What good horses!


About kshai1715

I am a lifelong equestrian, photography enthusiast, sci-fi lover, and sci-fi convention & costuming geek that also loves movies and video games. I am a hard working 30 something woman that survived cancer and am looking forward to a long, healthy, self-empowered life. Welcome to my blog and I hope you enjoy reading about my horses (and the rest of my life) as much as I like writing about them.
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2 Responses to April Showers

  1. Lana says:

    Wow, so sorry to hear Chewy is such a butt to other horses now. He used to get along with everyone! Of course, he was low man on the totem pole here, so maybe he is making up for it! LOL Maybe you are on to something when you say it has started when his health issues arose. Just be careful you don’t get hurt trying to break up the fight. I have only seen one horse try and kill another, and it was actually Chewy’s Uncle BJ. He went after a 3 week old baby horse, and it literally took 4 people to get him off that baby. Luckily, the baby was not injured, but it is the worst feeling, and sight to see! I was told that geldings will do that, just never seen it till it happened. Scary! Glad to hear everything is going great for you! Take care!

    • kshai1715 says:


      Chewie is the absolute sweetest horse. But yep, he was a low man at our farm for about 4 years, and then he changed.

      I do think he has discomfort and that is causing him general grumpiness. I fully believe there is a link between the start of his lameness and the aggression.

      And you’re right – people don’t see horses REALLY trying to kill each other — it isn’t a common thing, so when you do actually see it – it’s pretty terrifying.

      When Chewie tried to pick Jesse up by the back of the neck, I was luckily able to break that up easily since they were in the arena.

      When he went after another full size horse and ripped him to pieces, he was trying to force him into the fence. They were tearing around an acre paddock. I had no idea how to stop that one, so when they ran close by to me, I whacked Chewbacca in the head with a lead rope.

      The most amazing thing after all that was — he literally had bleeding bits of horse hair dangling from his mouth, and he just turned and looked at me, gave me his usual happy go lucky look and trotted over to say hello like NOTHING happened. It was an instant change in demeanor – incredible and alarming at the same time.

      But he’s a good boy. He just stays separated with only Luke for company. There’s a couple girls he would probably be fine with, but I don’t want him with any other geldings.

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