End of the Season Driving Totals


It is a little hard to believe that the 2015 driving season is almost over.  This has been an absolutely crazy year, with a lot of roller coaster events taking place.  I’ve been busy like crazy and my driving hours have suffered because of it.  Not only have I been driving less, I also have less horses to drive now.

2015 has not quite gone as expected.  With starting out the year driving Luke and Chewbacca in tandem (which was awesome!), to Chewbacca developing permanent lameness in June and my pursuing photography and a few other personal matters a bit more, it just hasn’t left quite a ton of time for driving.

I still go to the barn regularly, but I’m finding that I am doing a bit more loving and less working!  Truth be told, Luke and Jesse, the only 2 remaining horses still in work, are so beyond trained, they don’t “need” constant work as refreshers.  I work them enough to keep them fit to keep working, but that’s about it.  They are not in 3 day a week training anymore.

As a result, my grand total of driving hours this year was a mere 58.  A far cry from my usual 120-130 hours!  WOW!  Well, I am still working towards the American Driving Society recreational driving award pin of 500 hours.  I think 2015’s total puts me up to somewhere around 310 hours.  Maybe another couple years before I get to 500!

Although the year is winding down, there was still a beautiful day left to get out to a local park!   I had simply one of the best trail driving experiences I’ve ever had recently when I joined 4 other miniature horse drivers and hit the trails on a beautiful Sunday afternoon!

Jesse Deer Run 11-15-15c

Jesse was on his A game that trail drive! Loaded into his glittery red trailer right away and headed off to the park like  champ.  (no, his breast collar really doesn’t sit that high, it just slid along his neck while he was grazing).

Deer Run 11-15-2015a

We hit the trails and had a WONDERFUL drive with lots of trotting and cantering.  They were some of the best canter trails I’ve been on.  There were a few downed trees and we wheeled right over them with no issues.  Otherwise, the trails were wide and maintained.    I am picky about where I canter, due to the cart, of course.

And, not only were we rocking the canter in many long stretches along with solid trotting during a 2 hour trail drive, we  also went down a (short, but) steep incline and ended up in a river – for simply the absolute best time I’ve ever had in my life with a horse ever.

Deer Run 11-15-2015b

Jesse is definitely a water horse!  This was a far cry from puddles – he went right in and waded up to his belly in a flowing current.  We spent quite a bit of time in the river and when we were done, he pulled me up the steep incline again (if you can see the bank to the right, that gives you an idea how steep it was!)  It was maybe only a 6′ drop, but it was steep steep steep!

Wooo hooo!!!!!!!  I can’t think of a better way to end the driving season (assuming we don’t get anymore great days to hit any parks).

Having my new car this year and getting the perfect little horse trailer to cart the ponies around had been truly rewarding!  I’ve been so very very lucky to hit shows and parks all year since the weather got warm in May!

I truly cannot think of a better year!  I’ve gone to new shows, old shows, won money and ribbons, and had a blast, and I’ve been to several parks, had great drives and also one of the worst drives I’ve been on in my life, too.  All cherish memories and I’m glad I’ve been able to experience them!!!


Chewie 11-15-15b   Luke 11-15-15

And of course, for good measure, Chewbacca and Luke posing for selfies.  OK, I’m bad, but I didn’t take a photo of Dixie.  What a bad mom I am.   Sorry, but Dixie is fine, too 🙂


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I am a lifelong equestrian, photography enthusiast, sci-fi lover, and sci-fi convention & costuming geek that also loves movies and video games. I am a hard working 30 something woman that survived cancer and am looking forward to a long, healthy, self-empowered life. Welcome to my blog and I hope you enjoy reading about my horses (and the rest of my life) as much as I like writing about them.
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One Response to End of the Season Driving Totals

  1. Cathryn says:

    That’s too bad you didn’t get more hours in, but I’m sure the time you were able to put in was time well spent 🙂

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