Fun Show!

Now, don’t get too excited about my prospects for horse showing, after my last post, lol!  Nothing has changed and the trailer is still a wreck.  Not sure how to proceed, or if I even want to fix it.  I think maybe the $ to do the repairs will be better put towards funding an eventual pick up truck maybe.

Anyway, as it was, I did already have a show in mind to do this weekend, weather dependent.  The day called for 70% chance of thunderstorms, but ultimately ended up being one of the most perfect days you could ask for to have a horse show on.

Originally, I had intended to take my car and haul the horse trailer and bring Jesse.  It would not be a show i would have taken Chewie to.  He does not enjoy arena competition I especially with other horses.  Luke could have gone, too and would have been awesome, but with the hauling trailer ruined…..  Well, that’s OK, I’m only 1 person and I had intended to go to the show myself.

After the trailer debacle the other day, I realized however that my Jeep is NOT up to the task of hauling something as weighty as the horse trailer.  The “little” trailer with wood chips in it was too much for the Jeep as it was, and that was only in the barn driveway!  This show was an hour away, so I was able to wrangle my husband into taking us.  Jesse’s cart disassembles and fits nicely in the horse trailer in 2 pieces, so it’s super easy to transport.  Minis are awesome aren’t they.

My plans had changed a little for the day and I could not spend the whole day at the show, but I was there until noon and participated in a variety of super fun classes.  It was a fun show with driving and riding and even in hand classes, all fun and games.  It was the first time I’ve ever done a show of just fun classes and I had a blast.

The first class I entered was Simon Says.  Jesse is getting to be an old show ham, and knows his job well.  He was on stellar manners and even stood at the halt as called for.  The class was tough, listening for directions with “Simon Says” before them and not getting mixed up.  Out of 16 people in the class, it ultimately got down to just 2.  Myself and one other person.

It was the one handed back up while patting your head that did her in!  We both ended up reversing so much, we had changed directions and when asked to walk on, of course, we needed to change again to continue the way we were.  I changed, she did  not, and Jesse was hailed Supreme Simon Says champion!  LOL!  We got the blue ribbon and a trophy! An actual trophy!  What a hoot!

The next class was crepe paper and Jesse and I with our partner team did not fare so well.  I lost the crepe paper at the very first call for reverse, and was in the class less than a minute total.
After that, Jesse and I took our stab at musical chairs (or , in this case, saddle pads on the ground).  We did alright, staying strong until there were just 7 left in the class and 6 pads.  I almost made it on to one, but the another competitor was also trying to get her uncooperative mini onto the pad, too.  Both minis were in a duel, and with little room to manuever, Jesse suddenly deciding he didn’t want to turn onto the pad, and the other mini nearly rearing, I did not want to risk crashing the shafts together of the cart, so I lost out.  Oh well.
We also did the obstacle course which went well.
The last class of the day was egg & spoon.  This was my first egg & spoon class ever.  I got my “egg” (a golf ball) and spoon upon entering the arena and immediately dropped it.  Yea, this class was not going to go well.  Fortunately we were not all in yet and the class had not began.  I had to get out of the cart and retrieve my fallen “egg”.  I had a moment of practice with it before the class began.

It was very hard to keep the ball steady in the little plastic spoon, especially when the wind started!  One by one people began dropping their eggs and soon it was down again to just 2 – myself and the same lady from Simon Says.  I was driving 1 handed, turning, stopping, trotting and backing as needed, and mostly concentrating on trying to not drop my egg.  Finally a stiff breeze blew and I thought for sure I was a goner.   Everyone piled in the middle of the arena started hooting and hollering at me.  The other lady had dropped the egg!  Jesse reigned as Supreme Egg & Spoon Champion!  LOL!  Second blue ribbon and trophy for the day.

What a fun day!  Trophies for egg & spoon and Simon Says.  All horse shows should be so fun.  We packed up since we had to leave, but everyone there – the driving bunch (16 minis in total) and all the riders – I think over 20, were having a blast.

So glad I got to get out to it and it will definitely be on my list for next year.


20140920_093149 20140920_101247

Simon says ^ Patting head while driving.

A video of the whole patting head while driving experience:


20140920_114105 20140920_114113

I think this was the end of egg & spoon, my victory wave, lol!


20140920_114045 20140920_110003

On the right is the musical pads.  I’m in the back, checking to make sure we are standing on the pad .


Champions for the day haha!  2 blues and 2 trophies.  So much fun.




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