Your Instructor From H -E- Double Hockey Sticks

Ok, I have a whole lot of fun updates suddenly, it’s almost amazing how quickly everything can pop up!  Stay tuned !!

I have a project coming (no, it is not a pony, but it IS *for* a pony), and I have a vacation on the horizon, too, which I hope will produce some decent photos.

But today’s subject of debate is about instructors (riding or driving).

I can tell you I have had some doozy of instructors over the years.  I’ve had some that I know I knew more than, I’ve had some that I at least thought I knew more than, and even as recently a couple years ago, I’ve had instructors that laugh at me for not knowing something, hand me the lines to “struggle” on my own with a horse they decide they don’t want to deal with, I’ve been brought to tears by instructors reprimanding me for everything I do wrong, I’ve been inflated and totally deflated by people that in the end, I pay $$$$ to to teach me (and/or my horse).

Years ago, I had an instructor (my first English one actually) get angry with me because I was afraid after I fell off, that same instructor laughed at my footwear selection because I couldn’t afford tall boots (heck, at the time, I didn’t even know what tall boots were), and that instructor also taught me to jump before I even understood how to post, and I had not been able to successfully sit a canter, either (hence the fall that got me scared).    Apparently she seemed to feel that I would figure it out as I went as the horse popped over little X’s.  This was a BNT, too, with a BIG reputation and a high caliber background.

I’ve had instructors lie, mislead, ignore, and egg me on, all in the pursuit of something that… well… I guess I wasn’t really pursuing after all.  They weren’t all terrible instructors, but the one true golden gem of a trainer is as hard to find as the right horse.  I had one… that one instructor who really helped, who really taught, took his time with me, and helped me blossom into something I didn’t think I could do.

Of course, over the years, some of my very best instructors were the horses themselves – they all teach the same way, and they are pretty impartial about it.  If you do them wrong, you end up on the ground.  End of story.

However, today on Facebook, I saw this question pop up from a concerned Grandma, and I was pretty flabbergasted by this lady’s story about her grand daughter’s experience with their riding instructor.

Read it for yourself and make your own call:

”  My granddaughter is taking English riding lessons – she is 11 years old – one day she forgot her riding boots, so the “instructor” removed the Stirrups from her saddle and then told her to jump the horse over a log – she (of course) fell off during the jump – I would like to know if this is normal practice for a forgetful 11 year old or any child learning to ride ???? “



Stay tuned for more updates!  woot woot!



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