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Time To Change The Name!

I hadn’t realized that although we are nearly 6 months into 2014, I never changed the title of this blog from Life in 2013 to 2014… so, I finally made that change!  Now I’m really catching up to the times, right?! … Continue reading

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Your Instructor From H -E- Double Hockey Sticks

Ok, I have a whole lot of fun updates suddenly, it’s almost amazing how quickly everything can pop up!  Stay tuned !! I have a project coming (no, it is not a pony, but it IS *for* a pony), and … Continue reading

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My Horses Have Jobs…. Sort Of

The other day I was talking to a non-horse person.  She likes horses, but this person is your average non-horse person.  She has a friend and family members with horses and has been to the barn to pet them on … Continue reading

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A Perfect Spring Day for Driving

I got a bright start to the weekend and in lieu of Mother’s Day activities (which were commenced on Saturday instead), I was at the barn by 6am to get the boys out driving.   This very short video pretty much … Continue reading

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Appreciating Our Equines

Fun topic I saw another fun blog I read… and I decided to promptly steal it!  🙂 Take a moment to appreciate the pros (and maybe even the cons) of the equines that are in your life!  I’ll start… Chewbacca … Continue reading

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Just a quick report

Just a quick report on…. absolutely nothing. The horses have barely worked in the last 2 weeks. I think they’ve been out maybe 3 times. It rained the entirety of last week, and finally dried out enough on Sunday morning … Continue reading

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