Oh, The Weather Outside is Frightful…..

And that’s really putting it mildly (no pun intended).  In fact, right now, we’re all “sweltering” in the 28 degree temps today, because compared to the single digits and negative digits of the last couple days, it sure does feel warm!

I am a little bummed that I missed my ADS hours goal by something like 7 or 7 1/2 hours this year, and I’m still itching to get out and drive.  Of course, it’s already the middle of the month and I still haven’t gotten around to doing a single Christmas light !  eeep!  Better get moving.

I don’t know if I will be able to take advantage of the “warmth” this weekend and get the horses out driving or not, but I’m sure gonna’ try.  On one hand I’m looking so very forward to 2014 (more on that in another post), but I’m also just not quite ready to be done with 2013 as far as driving days go.

What about you?  Christmas decorating done?  Still driving?  Or just trying not to freeze?


About kshai1715

I am a lifelong equestrian, photography enthusiast, sci-fi lover, and sci-fi convention & costuming geek that also loves movies and video games. I am a hard working 30 something woman that survived cancer and am looking forward to a long, healthy, self-empowered life. Welcome to my blog and I hope you enjoy reading about my horses (and the rest of my life) as much as I like writing about them.
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6 Responses to Oh, The Weather Outside is Frightful…..

  1. allison says:

    Not driving, but if we get the 6 inches of snow we are promised, we will take the horses out sledding in the back field. It’s fun for everyone! And my Haflinger is actually a lot more comfortable pulling a plastic sled than a cart.

  2. Lei says:

    It’s warm as summer here! Today’s high was 81. I took advantage of the warmth yesterday to take Mitch around the pond arena in his cart. We haven’t been driving as much because of the time changes (stupid daylight wasting time, I want savings back!) as I get off work and have very little time before dusk to do anything with the horses, and getting ready to drive is a sort of long process that involves pulling the cart out, getting Mitch tacked up, leading him over to hook up, and driving, and then unhitching and yadda yadda. So it’s mainly a weekend thing.

    But boy, yesterday was fun! Mitchin’s zoomed and zipped, and trotted real fast. Worked up a nice sweat. I think I’ll drive over the weekend and the few days off I have around Christmas time.

    My driving plans for 2014 are to get Mitch his ComfyFit harness (sorta thinking about skipping getting the whole thing, and just buying parts since I have a biothane waffle weave breastcollar for him already and don’t really need to get the ComfyFit yet) and then turning his nylon Liberty harness over to my mare to start her ground driving training. She’s been telling me more and more lately that she doesn’t want to be ridden anymore. I don’t know if she’d ever actually pull a cart and will cross that road when I come to it, be it 6 months or 6 years from now, but at least if she ground drives she can have a “job” to do.

    • kshai1715 says:

      Sounds a lot like my days! After work, I try to work 2 if not 3. And in 2014, I plan to buy a project pony! (Ooops, spoiler for another post!) Have fun and good luck with your mare!

      I personally love my comfy fits and wouldn’t have it any other way. Although I did just buy 2 pairs harnesses that are not comfy fits, but I got a great deal on them, and they’ll be perfect for schooling the pair I don’t own to put to the marathon carriage I’ll never afford.

      Call me crazy.

      • Lei says:

        I usually only manage to squeeze in the Haflinger after work, and that’s mostly with riding. The mare’s a take-for-a-walk-in-the-evening kind of thing since I’m still trying to work out what’s going on with her. I’ve got to have a checkup on her to see if it’s anything physical,but she’s had a year off from work due to a leg injury, and seems to be telling me she’s done and doesn’t want anyone on her back anymore. So I’m hoping she likes the driving thing. She’s still wanting to go out and have fun, so that’s a plus. I’ll take it slow and steady with her and we’ll see where we’re at.

        Oh yes! I love the look of the Comfy Fit. I’ve wanted one for ages, but got the Liberty harness last year because that was my only affordable option at the time. I’m ready to upgrade Mitch now, and I’m just pricing it out to see if I can save some $$ by not getting the complete set (get the saddle from Big Black Horse since it’s cheaper there and then the rest of the gear from Chimacum sans breastcollar since I like the new euro collar, but don’t really *need* it yet.)

        I wouldn’t call you crazy. I want a marathon carriage bad,and it’s just too far out of my price range. Mitch would be awesome in combined driving. I look at Haflingers now and judge them on driving ability, and if they’d match up to Mitch for a pair.

        Now call me crazy.

      • kshai1715 says:

        I love my Eurocollar, which I got from Big Black Horse. Everything I have came from there, except these new pair harnesses which I got used from someone else.

        Chewbacca loves his Eurocollar too. I’m so glad I got it, and I highly suggest it. I am not sure if I will get one for Luke or not in 2014. I held off all of this year because he got fat stealing Chewie’s grain (lol!) and I didn’t want to make his job “easier”. I needed him to work hard to lose weight. hahaha! It worked, and he’s back to where I need him to be. So I’m debating. However, I think when it’s time, I will upgrade the collars on the used pairs harnesses to BBH Eurocollars for my future pair.

        Oh, believe me, I know what you mean about eyeing up horses to see if they would work in a pair. Heck, I do that all the time. I want to do a pair or 4 of hackneys & minis, so I’m always looking at ones for sale to see if they fit in size, movement, and temperament.

        The pony marathon carriage I really want – an FCC Stringray – is well out of my price range. I can keep hoping, though.

        Ah, to dream!

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