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My little E.R. trip….

Well, since I have not seen the E.R. (for myself) since according to them 2009 – I guess I’ve been “good” and was due for a little hospital-esque adventure. Soo… what happened was, I put the boys out in the … Continue reading

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Fun Drive!

Lately life has been throwing a lot my way. Unfortunately this does not include mass lottery winnings, lol.  But everything has been coming my way.  It’s been a tough June, and it’s not even quite halfway through yet. But thankfully, … Continue reading

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The Challenges of Life

You know, every day really is a challenge.  And it seems like as we walk through life, each day – which should be getting easier and easier because you’re racking up experience, just keeps getting harder. Someone recently told me … Continue reading

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Tricks and Tarps

I have to say, I absolutely love my new lens!  Whooo!  I can finally take a decent photograph indoors (yay to me!) I also purchased a remote shutter release for the camera, and put it to use today with my … Continue reading

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