Year End Totals

Well, I certainly do *hope* my driving days for 2012 have not fully come to a close, but normally, I am pretty much done with driving by Thanksgiving time, as the weather just gets too wet, cold, and generally unpleasant for my tastes.

The horses enjoy time off from December through March, and sometime around late March/early April, I get them going again on long lines before I hook them up for driving once again.

2012 was a little unusual, and really so was 2011.  We drove on Black Friday in 2011, which is strange for me to be driving that late in the year.  And to start off 2012, our first drive was on February 4!  Talk about an early start to the year.  I’m a cold weather wimp, but as soon as it does clear up, I am back out working the horses.

This week, the weather has been amazing… sunny and highs in the mid 50’s.  While I’m enjoying it while it lasts, and I am hoping it’s not a sign of another drought next summer, it is time to send in my logged hours to the driving clubs I belong to.

So, here are the totals from 2012 to date.

Total hours I spent driving was 131. My big goal for this year was to break 100 hours logged in a single year.  I guess I did that.  Almost got to 150!
Chewbacca worked a total of 85 drives, including 2 shows.  His driving time hours totals approximately 66 hours(not counting time being driven at the shows).   He logged a total of 106 miles on the roads alone (I don’t generally log trail miles, but that has to be in the 30 mile range given the amount of time we spent on trails).  Since being started in driving July 2011, he has logged a total of 136 blacktop miles, clearly most of them coming from 2012.

Luke, although I usually keep Luke & Chewie on the same schedule, so he should have gotten 85 drives, somehow, he just didn’t.  Between myself and my husband driving Luke, he logged a total of 76 drives, including 2 shows.  I drove him 59 times, and my husband drive him 17 times.  Luke has logged somewhere around 60 hours of driving time this year, not including time spent driving at shows.  I don’t log Luke’s road miles, or trail miles for that matter.  Maybe I will start doing that next year.  However, this year alone, I would guess Luke got in at least around 90 miles on the blacktop.  Since we got him in 2007, Luke has probably logged around 350 miles on the roads alone.  If I had to guess on how many times he was driven since 2007, I would have to say he’s probably been hitched around 400 times in the 6 full seasons we’ve been driving him.  I’d say he’s pretty experienced, wouldn’t you?  lol.  Luke has been shown 18 times in approximately 45 classes, and has as many ribbons, with about 35 of them being first places. 5 2nds, and a couple lower.

Dixie drove 22 times in tandem before I “retired” her (again) in August.

Jesse drove a total of 69 times this year (47 single hitches, and 22 tandem), including 2 shows (go Jesse!).  Jesse logged a total of about 34 working hours.

All in all, a very good year.  If this is where the year ends, I’m happy.  Of course, I am hopeful that maybe the weather after Thankgsiving will be driving-condusive.  I’m looking forward to still doing some work, although shoes are coming off just before Thanksgiving, so, our work will be limited to the arena, if we do anything this winter.

Today was a play day for the horses, and they clearly needed it.  They were really revved up, and things got a little chaotic.  I had to stop taking photos and save the minis before Chewbacca tried eating them.  He did take a chunk out of Jesse’s hair before knocking Dixie to the ground and rolling her over. He was really going after them badly.  Dare I use the word ATTACKING….?  Yes, yes, I will.  Not a good Chewie.  Why do Chewie & Luke hate the minis so much?  I do not know.

Photos below (prior to the violence), but before I get to them, I just wanted to look ahead to 2013 and my horse-related goals…

(Goal #1 of course should be to “GET A JOB”! lol!  Or the rest of the goals may not exactly fall in to place … tee hee)

So, Goal 1A will be to log another 100 hours total driving time

Goal 2: get a project resale pony to break to drive and sell (this should actually be goal 1A, since I really really really want to do this)

Goal 3: Show Chewbacca at least twice in CDE/HDT

Goal 4: Take Chewie to a clinic or 2 for lessons

Goal 5: Compete with  Luke in an out of state CDE in July

Goal 6: Show Jesse at least twice in pleasure shows and/or ADT

Goal 7: Take Luke & Chewbacca to the National Drive in October at the Kentucky Horse Park in Lexington.

Goal 8: Get Chewbacca out to more haul-out trail adventures next year.

Goal 9: Get more recordings from my helmet camera.

Goal 10: Buy a marathon vehicle for Chewbacca.


Ok, well, maybe that last one will definitely not really happen in 2013.

Well, here’s to hoping anyway.

And for your enjoyment – pictures of crazy horses playing.  Have a great Holiday!!




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I am a lifelong equestrian, photography enthusiast, sci-fi lover, and sci-fi convention & costuming geek that also loves movies and video games. I am a hard working 30 something woman that survived cancer and am looking forward to a long, healthy, self-empowered life. Welcome to my blog and I hope you enjoy reading about my horses (and the rest of my life) as much as I like writing about them.
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