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Finally! Pics AND Video!!!

Today was a really nice day.  Hot. But nice.  I got to the barn around 730, a little later than I wanted to, actually.  My goal was to work everyone before it go too hot.  It was getting pretty much … Continue reading

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CDE training times

After last weekend’s uber cool HDT, I have the itch to compete for myself something awful! Unfortunately, (as usual) my great plans about how I was going to show in that last event crashed in on me, but I’m not … Continue reading

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Chewbacca Hits 100 ~~ TWICE!

Well, today was a double 100 day! Chewbacca went out and rocked on his morning drive today.  This was his 100th drive!!  His first hitch was in mid-July last year, and since then he has accrued 100 drives under his … Continue reading

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Navigator Me

It has been a very very busy week!  There was a horse driving trial at  farm not too far away from me this past weekend.  I was very disappointed that I could not compete.  I was actually entered, but due … Continue reading

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New Halters

Chewbacca and Luke got new halters yesterday, and I eagerly zipped out to the barn and tried them on!  I think they like them 😉  Lol, well, really they probably don’t care, but I like them….  

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Great Drives, Grand Prix, Rain, and more!

Well, it has certainly been a busy busy busy few days since my last post.   My driving time has been wonderful.  After a good long road drive for both the boys earlier in the week, the last couple of drives … Continue reading

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