Feet and Jobs

Well, despite the fact that I am currently….. between jobs… I still remain optimistic about all life in general.

Chewbacca is improving, though still not sound.  He is still awaiting his shoe, though, which he gets on in 2 days, and I hope that will make a solid improvement.  I hope he will be sound enough after the shoe gets replaced, to go play in the arena a bit, and hopefully do some walking driving this weekend.  Vet said as soon as he’s sound, he can go back to walking work and move on from there.  With only 3 weeks to the horse show I’ve signed up for, it’s still a little up in the air whether I bring Chewbacca or Luke as his replacement.

Luke is another issue with shoeing.  Both of the horses, I admit, have sore feet, as they work so hard for me, especially on the pavement.  I don’t pound them, of course, but at least 1 day a week, they go out for an hour on the pavement, and I log anywhere from 3-5 miles at a trot.  The shoes are a must, to support their feet from impact, and help keep them from discomfort in general, especially on the gravel driveway.

Luke is quite gravel-sensitive, and getting a little worse, I’ve noticed this year than in years past.  This year, he’s also unwilling to stand for shoeing, and I am quite sure it’s related.  So it’s a little conundrum – Luke needs shoes to not be sore, but I can’t get the shoes on because he is sore.  Hmm… what to do?  How about EZ boots?  Best of both worlds- use when working, take off when not.  No nails, no fuss.  I may investigate this matter further.

The minis are doing well, and I drove them tandem today.  Despite my lackadaisical days and all this free time and currently 1 less horse to work, I find that I’m actually doing less driving.  I’ve been making “cuts” to the horse-schedule, and plan to only work Luke 2 days a week (in part for his feet, and in part because he doesn’t need more work than that- he knows his job juust fine), and the minis tandem 1 day a week.  So when Chewbacca gets going back, he is also going to go on a 2 day a week schedule as well, maybe 3 once in a while.  It’s the only way I can balance everyone, because working 2 or 3 (well, 4 if I do the tandem) horses in one day is getting to be far, far, far too much for me to manage by myself.

I also am remaining optimistic about my employment future, and have had lots of activity on the interview end, including 1 phone interview, 1 email interview, 2 in-person interviews, and I have another one on Friday.  The first interview led to a job with meager pay, lack of benefits, and many doubts in my mind.  The second interview led to a fine sounding job with lots of responsibilities, great pay, but no benefits, and some superiority-slash-obsessive compulsive co-workers that I’m not too sure about, lol.  None the less, sounded like a fine job, that leads me to believe I will find the exact thing I am looking for.  Which hopefully will be the third interview’s end result.  More on that as it unfolds.

So, with a new job eventually happening, be it next week or next month, and trying to balance the horses on top of it, along with house work/yard, blah,blah, blah, a slight reduction in how many horses get worked how often is going have to transpire.

Ironically, right now, I’ve been seriously thinking about getting a 4th horse! (I know, I know).  I’ve ALWAYS wanted to take on a training project for resale.  Back in the day, I wanted to do it with a riding horse, but I never did (which is probably the smartest choice I ever made).  Now, despite having said that I never want to train a green driving prospect from the ground up again, I am honestly thinking about that whole re-sale project idea once again.  I have the time for sure at this very moment, but I don’t have the money (of all things….) and my time commitments may quickly change, too.

I just happened to have found a young, untrained miniature for $100 that I think would be perfect to train up to drive, put in a show, and sell.  Sounds like a great plan, and I think I could train her.  Only problem is, it would take at least 6 solid months for me to train this un-broke little thing the way *I* like and would want and would expect to buy in a horse, and for the price broke and show-worthy minis go for…. I’d spend more in board in 6 months than I’d get in the sale of the filly.  lol.  OK, so maybe my plan isn’t such a great one.

More on that eventually, I suppose.  I also have a fleeting eye casually looking about for a used (and by used, I also mean dirt cheap) miniature horse carriage.  Very casually eyeing the ads here and there.  If I can find a suitable 4 wheel vehicle for a pair of minis (with single horse adjustment, too), I may have to consider selling my mini cart and getting it.  I love driving the tandem, but I’d like to try a straight up pair if I can swing it.  Spending money I haven’t earned yet, I suppose?  lol….

Well, lets see where this week ends up.  Keep your fingers crossed for my interview Friday.  I would love to land this job.  (I think…)

Have a wonderful day!


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I am a lifelong equestrian, photography enthusiast, sci-fi lover, and sci-fi convention & costuming geek that also loves movies and video games. I am a hard working 30 something woman that survived cancer and am looking forward to a long, healthy, self-empowered life. Welcome to my blog and I hope you enjoy reading about my horses (and the rest of my life) as much as I like writing about them.
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