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Horse Play Day

Chewbacca and Luke have not been terribly thrilled to run around and play the last few times I put them out.  Maybe it was the cold temperatures, or the frozen ground.  Either way, they apparently saved it all up for … Continue reading

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Thank You For The Votes

To those that voted in the National Anthem contest, I’d like to thank you.  Sadly, I did not win.  But At least I was a finalist.  Yay.  That’s the most impressive thing I’ve done this year.  umm…… hmm….  Good thing … Continue reading

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Almost Got a Million!

No, not on the lottery…. on Bejweled Blitz.  1 Million is my goal.  Been trying for months.  Look how close I got!  994,150!  Man, I feel like I got cheated.  lol.  

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Movie Review: Red Tails

One thing I love, besides horses, of course, are movies.  So, I want to include movie reviews in my blog as see them.  Old, new releases, whatever, if I see it, I’ll try to review it and give my opinions. … Continue reading

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Coasting Along the Stormy Sea of Life

I know it’s been a while since I’ve posted anything last!  No, I haven’t turned into a recluse, or gone missing.  I just have nothing and yet a ton of things to report back on!  It’s been all quiet on … Continue reading

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Welcome to the New Year !

Ok, is it April?  Or January 6?  Am I living in Chicago, or back in sunny Georgia?  I’m confused… because of this…   But, it is one of the many good things that have been taking place already this year, … Continue reading

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