Tandem Training: Day 2

If I thought my leg was recuperated well enough to do normal activities, I thought seriously wrong.  Yesterday I had 2 doctor appointments in the morning, and then I said to husband: “just drop me off at the barn and pick me up when you’re done with errands”.

Three hours later, I could barely walk, and I still went grocery shopping on top of it.  I am in SO MUCH pain this morning I can hardly move, and my thigh feels like it’s on fire.

I had my radiation therapy consult yesterday.  The plan is that once the drain is removed, I get a CT scan of the area so they can plan out their treatment strategy and define the exact area where the radiation will be concentrated, and make a mold of my leg so I remain still during treatments.  They expect to start 35 radiation sessions on January 9.  It will be delayed if the drain isn’t removed by then.  I was hoping to get the drain out before Christmas, get back to driving, and return to work, the barn, and normal life.

After a taste of normal barn activities yesterday, now I’m not so sure I’m anywhere close to ready for that.

Anyway, part of my normal barn activities yesterday included working both minis in hand tandem for the 2nd time.  It is going really well.  I think I may actually be able to do this.  Who’d of thunk I can actually almost kind of train a horse? (let alone 2 at the same time).

LOL.  Fortunately the minis are both extremely good.  It is never recommended to do any kind of tandem work alone for obvious reasons.   But some of us don’t have the luxury of helpers, so we’re making do.

Dixie is actually the problem child, there’s a big shock, right.  Jesse, up front, is being the bold little leader I figured he’d become and is doing great.  He is attentive to voice, and listens well and is proving to drive tandem just as well as he drives single.  Dixie of course has a mind of her own, does nothing well, and is doing generally about as well (or lack there of) as expected.  She is figuring it out, though, and with Jesse’s reins going through her bridle, it’s leaving her with less options to veer sideways, mill about, and basically be a pain in the patoot.  Eventually she’ll be in the shafts, and won’t have the option of moseying sideways, but for now, she is making do with ground driving and actually started to listen for the “whoa” command- something she really has a problem with.  They both whoa’d long enough and steady enough for me to fish out my cell phone while holding 4 lines, and snap a picture.

This will be fun, fun, fun, when they are all trained up.  But their training, for now, may be put on hold until I can walk again.

And, I asked the oncologist what should happen on the chance that this cancer returns to my leg.  She said that more than likely, I would not be able to undergo a second round of radiation.  More than likely surgical removal of the tumor, like they did this time around, would not be enough, and thus, that would leave me with the option of removal of my leg.  My whole leg, because the tumor is so high up in the thigh, they would take the leg from the pelvis down.  There’s a fun thought to have floating in my head now.  All I can think about is how would I work the horses if I am missing a leg…..

I’m sure hoping it doesn’t get to that.  Well, back to bed for me now.. Need to rest my leg.





About kshai1715

I am a lifelong equestrian, photography enthusiast, sci-fi lover, and sci-fi convention & costuming geek that also loves movies and video games. I am a hard working 30 something woman that survived cancer and am looking forward to a long, healthy, self-empowered life. Welcome to my blog and I hope you enjoy reading about my horses (and the rest of my life) as much as I like writing about them.
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