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My Last Post…. of the year!

Usually, for my last post of the year, I like to recap the year past and offer my prospects for the year to come. In light of recent events, I am not going to do this.  Suffice to say 2011, … Continue reading

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Wow, what a Christmas

After a really great training session on Tuesday that makes me really think I actually might be able to train the 2 minis tandem and am eager to continue doing so, I had mentioned how my leg was hurting.  I … Continue reading

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Tandem Training: Day 2

If I thought my leg was recuperated well enough to do normal activities, I thought seriously wrong.  Yesterday I had 2 doctor appointments in the morning, and then I said to husband: “just drop me off at the barn and … Continue reading

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Tandem Training Day 1

Well, my leg is getting really close to 100%.  I would be totally awesome if they would just take this drain out, but no such luck.  The nerve tingling and muscle spams I’ve been having have pretty much stopped, and … Continue reading

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Now This is Beauty

I used to think Dressage (ridden) was the ultimate expression of grace and beauty on horseback. I have a new vision now, and new goals… This is real beauty. Can’t wait to get back to driving.  Never be this good, … Continue reading

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Stall Rest and Stir Crazy

Now I really completely understand why some horses, when they’re on stall rest, go nutty.  I’m there.  Really.  It’s only been 11 days since surgery and I’m going looney.  Ready to get out of the house, and get back to … Continue reading

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Finally ! The barn!

  You know, the doctors told me I need to move around, and they told me that they might set up with physical therapy if I find I’m having trouble walking. What they don’t understand is that I have the … Continue reading

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