Black Friday…

I have never gone Black Friday shopping before.  There is *nothing* on this planet I want badly enough to justify camping out for $50 off something.  I have done some midnight video game releases (Halo..), and some midnight movie premieres, but standing outside for hours and hours waiting for a cheap 32″ TV?


However, at 6am, my husband and I did get up and go shopping.    I guess there’s a first time for everything.

I didn’t get any TV’s. Don’t need one.  But I did some clothes and desperately needed new sneakers.  Also got some good deals on various things for around the house, presents for family, and in light of recent events, we purchased 2 fire proof safes.

It has been a nuts week.  My life is a bad joke and a country song all rolled into one.  After being diagnosed with cancer the first of the month, and having my neighbor’s house burn down on the 5th of the month, which caused fire damage to our house, and now we need to replace our siding, I had a headlight burn out in my jeep.  I’ve also noticed that our cat’s gums are red & irritated.  I figured he needed a dental cleaning.  So we take him to the vet, which cost $200 for an exam and bloodwork for a dental.  Vet comes back and says a tooth is loose and needs to be pulled.  So, the dental jumped up from $230 to $450, plus the $200 we already handed out for the work up.

Umm??  $600 BLEEPING DOLLARS FOR A CAT TO HAVE IT’S TOOTH PULLED?!?!?!?!?  Are you kidding?  Doesn’t even cost $600 to get ALL 3 OF MY HORSES teeth, coggins, and spring shots.  So, I have to cancel my new stove which I had on order after the insurance money came through for the fire damage.  Stove now has to pay for cat.

And I started shopping for a cheaper vet.  Found one, but still not escaping spending $300 in addition to the money I already dropped.

And then, remember the headlight I mentioned on my Jeep?  Seems like such a simple thing, right?  Wrong.  I have super-ultra bright extra special HID headlights.  Because at night, I really don’t like not being able to see the road, so my headlights light up the road like the sun.

So we go out on errands Tuesday night to cancel the stove.  And while doing so, we stop at Wal Mart to buy temporary head light bulb so at least I have 2 lights.  Insert headlight.

Jeep dies.

Call tow truck.

So, Wednesday the shop says there’s nothing wrong.  It started fine after they charged the battery and said maybe combining 2 different head lamps caused the battery to drain.  Somehow?.  I guess.  Ok.

Wednesday, pick up Jeep.

Thursday, ready to go in law’s for Thanksgiving.  Jeep is dead.

Friday, call tow truck.

Now the Jeep’s cost me over $400 and the cat will be over $500, and I’m about to pull my hair out.  LOL.  And when I picked it up from the mechanic, I didn’t realize they put the key & remote inside the wheel well, so I used my spare to open the car, and drove off without realizing I left the remote on the tire.  And yes, I did crush it.  But amazingly, it survived.  A little glue and it will be fine.

But on Thursday, we had a family argument over complete stupidity.  My husband’s dad, who is the epitome of crotechty old dudes, got mad at me for having a snack 2 hours before turkey was being served.  He started cursing and refused to join us for Thanksgiving dinner.  Apparently, I’m not allowed to snack while watching TV before dinner.  Rule to live by.  Ho hum.  Can you see my eyes rolling?  Can you hear them rattling?

Ok.  Good.

So now I’m waiting on my dad to come in for my surgery on Monday, and my father in law won’t talk to me because i had a snack (I’m serious.  I can’t possibly make this up).  My Jeep is currently running but my cat still needs his tooth pulled.

I have absolutely nothing going on.  Really.  Nothing.  What a hum-drum boring life.


And on top of all that,  I happily did get me and all of my beloved men out for a drive today.  We went 3 miles, did it in under 40 minutes (pretty quick, for us!), and I cantered Chewie a little in a stretch of grass on the shoulder. He was awesome!  And here’s a couple cell-phone pictures.

I will try to work Jesse & Dixie tomorrow, but this was probably the last drive for the boys.  And, with everything that has been going on this week especially, but the last 3 weeks combined, this drive was everything I needed.  The weather was OK, a little windy, but that helped the horses stay cooler, and the drive was pleasant and nice.

Weather and my ability to walk depending, I would love to get them out again, but somehow I doubt that’s going to happen after Monday.

Keep your fingers crossed for me.  I’ll post pictures.  (eewww….)


About kshai1715

I am a lifelong equestrian, photography enthusiast, sci-fi lover, and sci-fi convention & costuming geek that also loves movies and video games. I am a hard working 30 something woman that survived cancer and am looking forward to a long, healthy, self-empowered life. Welcome to my blog and I hope you enjoy reading about my horses (and the rest of my life) as much as I like writing about them.
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