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Surgery: The Days After

Well, November has been one hell of a month.  I’ll be glad when it is over tomorrow, although yes, I am a little reserved about what December will bring. We started November with cancer, and fire, and in the never … Continue reading

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Black Friday…

I have never gone Black Friday shopping before.  There is *nothing* on this planet I want badly enough to justify camping out for $50 off something.  I have done some midnight video game releases (Halo..), and some midnight movie premieres, … Continue reading

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The Last Drives Of The Year

Well, I did it again.  A long, long time ago I said I usually never work any of my horses two days in a row.  But I’m also trying to squeeze in every last drive I can possibly manage, and … Continue reading

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We’ve moved past pouring

You know that saying, when it rains, it pours.  As I told my husband today, we’ve moved beyond pouring.  We’ve gotten to the point of flooding. I seriously do not know what else can possibly go wrong.  Well, I mean, … Continue reading

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Project Pumpkin.. err.. Horse Trailer..

Pictures!  As promised…  We started this the 1st week of October, so it’s been a several week-end project, but it is pretty much done… Pre- power washing… ick… look at all that filth, mildew, and chipped paint… And then, post-power … Continue reading

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The cold has arrived!

Whoo boy, it was 28 last night.  Yikes.  Chewbacca and Luke are wrapped up in their medium blankets already, but cold weather be damned.. I plan on getting them out for a drive this weekend.  It’s supposed to be partially … Continue reading

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Well, in the aftermath of the fire, it’s been really stressful.  I keep reliving the moment in my head when I looked out the window and saw nothing but raging flames. It was a terrifying moment, and I really think … Continue reading

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When I say it never ends…

I really really really mean it never ends.  It seems my husband and I have a never ending streak of bad luck.  But, it’s also bad-luck-that-really-has-a-pretty-good-outcome-because-it-always-could-have-been-worse. Two years ago, my husband was diagnosed with rare sarcoma cancer behind his eye.  … Continue reading

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Moment of truth….

The results of my MRI are in.  Sarcoma. Cancer. Next step: Oncologist.  Then surgery.  Right now, with telephone tag all day long with 3 different doctors and 2 nurses and leaving messages and waiting and waiting for people to call … Continue reading

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