Painting and Driving

Well, this weekend has been super awesome in terms of weather!  It did rain during the week a little, and despite that, we still managed to get work done on the horse trailer.  The outside is 98% painted, the inside is 100% painted.  Next step is to finish some trim on the outside, make my padded divider (in orange, of course), and then add the graphics to the outside.  The trailer will be done in a week or two and it LOOKS GREAT.

Bet you’ve never seen an orange horse trailer before have you?


Well… you won’t be seeing it yet.  Pictures when it’s complete.  Not much longer.  LOL.

But you can see this:

and this:

This was video from Chewie’s drive on Sunday.  The weather was perfect over the weekend, truly it was.   This was Chewie’s longest drive yet!  He did 4 miles all by his lonesome.  What a good boy.

It seems like every time I drive him, all I can say is that is was his best one yet.  Every time, I either go longer on the road, or take a different route, or do a little more in the arena- ask for more bend, more foward, try a different dressage test.  The other day in the arena, I tried Chewie’s hand at an ADS super reinsmanship test.  We did test #2, and he did so great it wasn’t even funny.  I was thrilled.  And then I drove him Saturday & Sunday back to back (again) and it was better and better.  Saturday we did a little different route on the trails and some road time, and Sunday we took advantage of the gorgeous weather for an hour and did the 4 miles.

Saturday everyone got driven and my husband drove Luke.  We went out on the trails and that was great! Unfortunately the trails are short, but they are nice while they last.  You can cut through the trees, go up and down a hill, around a hay field, and if you’re riding a horse, there’s even a bridge over a creek.  Can’t do that one driving, though.

Saturday I also worked Jesse who was very good, although the driving only once a week isn’t agreeing with him.  He’s definitely a 3 day a week pony.

Dixie, got worked, too.  She was good, but she’s not acting like herself.  I was very happy in the spring with her, when she randomly decided to be a nice pony, and then about a month ago she went back to her typical pain in the butt self.  Now she’s had another change of demeanor that has me a little concerned.  She’s no longer being rude and pushy and obnoxious.

She’s acting rather like a dead head.  To the point of having her head hung concerningly low, not wanting to move around in the arena and run/play, and even standing almost asleep while tied.  That’s VERY unlike Dixie, because she doesn’t tie quietly. She always paws, turns, spins, calls, bangs on the stall door, or rears in the crossties.  Always.  That’s typical Dixie.  So now this new, falling asleep, head-hung-low Dixie has me worried.  I’ve listened to her guts, heart, and lungs and taken her temperature a couple times.  Nothing abnormal, but she’s still not right.  This has been 2 weeks she’s acting like this.  Next week she sees the vet and I may have him draw some blood to see if anything comes back wonky with her.

It could be that she’s just fat and out of shape, but she’s been fat and out of shape forever.  LOL.  So I don’t think it’s that.  She was born in 1994, so she’s no spring chicken, but she’s not old old, either.  Especially for a mini.  So who knows.  It’s seeming highly possible that Dixie may officially entering the retirement list.  I’d like to still try to do the tandem driving with her and Jesse in the spring, but we’ll see how she holds up.  Dixie has a deformed trachea, that collapses down when she breathes hard.  She sounds like a roarer on steroids and literally gets her air supply cut off.  Think of drinking soda through a straw.  Then think of drinking that soda while someone is pinching off part of the straw.  Hard to do, right?  That pretty much sums up how Dixie breathes and the deeper the breath, like when she’s worked or running, the harder it is for her to actually get air because it causes her trachea to collapse more.  So that could be what’s causing her to be somber lately.  She’s not turning blue or anything, but something is just not right with her.

Oh, and it is Halloween, right?!  Here is me as Predator and my husband as  Jason Vorhees at a party the other night.

And, for other random pictures…

S’mores says Hi..

Have a good one!


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