What a nice Doomsday it was….

For some reason, May 21, 2011 was deemed “doomsday” by a small select group that predicted the end of the world.  Boy are they disappointed.  Alas, the night is young, so there’s still a few hours left for us all to meet our demise.  Should we wake in the morning, boy will they be disappointed.  They have all kinds of explanations about how this day would be the world’s last, but how do they explain if it isn’t??

And in true “doomsday” theme, the CDC published a survival suggestion article about surviving a Zombie Acopolyse.  I kid you not.  Personally, I suggest sticking as close to my husband as possible.  His favorite game is Left 4 Dead, so when it comes to zombie killing, he’s got plenty of experience.

The horses have been horses lately.  The weather has been less than cooperative and not terribly condusive to any real work.  As such, when I worked Luke the other day he had a little excess energy and kicked the cart apart.  It’s all repaired.  The damage wasn’t too bad.  About once every 2 years Luke throws a bucking fit.  We were due.  He did it in 2007, then again in 2009, and well.. it was just time.  Combined with a sort of lack of work.  LUke is very fit, and he needs a consistent work schedule or plenty of time to burn off steam.  I failed to give him either over the last week and then drove him.  Oops.

His new harness is almost done.  I just got his bright orange reins.  Can’t wait to get pictures of Luke in his super new harness and Dixie in her ultra cute new pink harness.  As far as Chewbacca goes… I do plan on getting him a new harness, but I would like to see if the trainer can get him driving first.  That way I can be sure he’ll be a driving horse before I crack out the money on the harness.  He is (tentatively) headed out in July for training.  The trainer is only 30-40 minutes from me.  Should be good.  I hope.

I was hopeful that Chewie could be a good driving horse, and that we would progress from trail drives and arena work to small shows to marathons and long distance driving.  I really don’t know why I’m so obsessed with showing.  I guess I am just competitive or I just find them fun.  Since riding is no longer my nitch in life (not sure it ever was) I am hoping maybe driving will be.  I’m not so sure Chewbacca agrees with that outlook, and I have basically stopped all driving work until I meet with the trainer next week and seek her counsel.

In the mean time… May 21st wasn’t doomsday (yet).  But it is a special day still.  It is the true foaling date of my first horse, Lady.  It is my dad’s birthday.  And most of all… it is our wedding anniversary, too.  Yes, for his birthday, my dad got to pay for my wedding.  Guess in retrospect that was a kind of bad gift, but it was the only day the place was available!

So my husband and I observed our 7th anniversary today by having  a casual, low-profile day.  We spent some time at the barn, sprucing up his cart (er… repairing it..), and mine, too.. hoping someday Chewie will actually pull it, I’d at least like to have it look nice.

Afterwards, we headed home and played around with some radio controlled toys.


It was all fun until my husband drove over my jeep with his tank.  LOL.  Jeep survived.  My husband thought it was rather funny.  I was not so amused.

And then we cracked out the pets for a photo shoot.  Starting with the dog..

Sporting her pink spike collar.  Yep..  Pink with spikes.  Perfect for a shy, panicky, fearful, neurotic dog.  She’s a good girl, but she has issues even medication can’t fix.

And then, just for extra fun, we pulled out the cats and took their pictures.  I haven’t done outdoor pics of the kitties in 2 years, so I was over due.

All our cats are indoor babies only.  They never go outside.  Ever.  Except once when 2 of them manged to sneak out for a few minutes.  So, to get them outside (one at a time, on a leash), is a real project, and they’re not happy campers.

This is our oldest.  We got him just about a month before we got married, and he was already about a year old then.  So that makes him 8 this year.  Old man.  His original owners kept him locked in a room with his twin brother, and never interacted with either of them.  They gave the kittens to a rescue when they broke a crystal vase in the room.  Nice, huh?

Boo boo is the ultimate love bug.  He paws my face every morning at 5 am (rather annoying actually)… but he’s a total purr and super lovey kitty and then he turns evil on you in a second and will hiss and bite at you, run off, come back and start the process over again.  His name is Wasabi, appropriately named for the spicy stuff, because that’s how he behaves.  We affectionately call him Waboo boo, boo cat, and boo boo.  He responds to them all.

Next up is Wampa.  Named as such for the snow monster in Star Wars Empire Strikes Back.  He lived up to his name.  He’s a huge, white monster.  Well, he’s really a marshmallow and a total laid back kitty, but he does weigh 28 pounds, so he’s definitely huge.  Biggest coward of them all.  He was terrified about being outside.  Total pushover, for being the biggest cat I’ve ever owned in my life.  We got Wampa a few days after someone found him running on the side of the highway.  He was about 2 months old then.  He’s 7 now.

And then there’s S’mores.  Named such because he has all the colors of a s’mores snack.  He’s the sweetest little love bug.  He is 5 years old.  Another rescue kitty.  We got him from a local shelter when he was a little smidgen.

And the baby of the bunch is Nemo.  He is 2.  He was my husband’s cancer/radiation therapy / keep your mind occupied on other things gift.  We got him just before Thanksgiving in 2009 when he was an even smaller smidgen than S’mores.  Nemo was supposed to be 8 weeks old when we picked him up, but he was more like 6.  Very small, malnourished.  He was found in a dumpster with no mom or siblings.  Another rescue baby, and he’s the brat of the blue-eyed bunch for sure.   We drove 7 hours to get him from the rescue, and we love him 🙂

The blue eyed trio are all Siamese mix kitties.  They all have true Siamese behaviour, from the mischeviousness to the howling.  They’re so much fun.  Right now we are all kittied out in our house, but when we upgrade homes, I plan on FINALLY getting two purebred Siamese kittens as a house warming present to myself 🙂

Look at that… Doomsday come and (nearly) gone, and it ends with kittens and flowers.

What a nice Doomsday.

OH!  Almost forgot — diet update – I am down 27 pounds (hey, I’ve almost lost a Wampa).  Husband is down 20.  We’re rolling right along and couldn’t be happier with our results.


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I am a lifelong equestrian, photography enthusiast, sci-fi lover, and sci-fi convention & costuming geek that also loves movies and video games. I am a hard working 30 something woman that survived cancer and am looking forward to a long, healthy, self-empowered life. Welcome to my blog and I hope you enjoy reading about my horses (and the rest of my life) as much as I like writing about them.
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