High Fructose Corn Syrup

Just a little diet- related rant here.  I am 9 weeks deep into my diet/fitness exercise.  I recently saw a registration form for a 5k run in my town.  It’s in June.  I wonder if by then, I could be ready to run 3 miles (up hill??)  LOL.  Long term goal of mine is to complete a 5k run, a 10k, run and the 3-day 60 mile Susan G. Kommen walk for the cure in Chicago.

Anyway, so as I diet, I feel that I’ve been doing well with it.  I’ve been following it true, not cheating, and feel my eating habits have changed permanently for the better.  I no longer want/crave/ or partake in chips, ice cream, or popcorn, or Snapple/raspberry tea – my biggest vice.

I have lost 24 pounds so far.  I am successfully managing to average 3 pounds a week weight loss.

As I continue to diet, and try to continue to change things up to “fool” my body and keep the diet working, I’ve recently come to realize just how many food items I still eat in my diet that have High Fructose Corn Syrup as one of the main ingredients.  HFCS is *the* single worst food on the planet.

You know snapple’s tag line “made from the best stuff on Earth”?  Well, it really is – one of it’s main ingredient is HFCS.  It really is the best stuff on Earth – best tasting, that is.  HFCS is easy to make at home, too – just get 1/2 cup of karo syrup and add 2 cups of white granulated sugar to it.  Mix well, heat evenly, and walla – you can make hard candies and all sorts of things.  Tastes great.

HFCS is notoriously known for putting on abdominal fat specifically.  It’s like sucking down pure sugar.

I’ll bet you can’t imagine how many products you eat have it as one of the top ingredients.  Soda?  Check.  Brand name sweetened Tea?  Check.  Chocolate Milk?  Check.  Ice Cream? Check.  Know what else it’s in?  Yoplait yogurt.

Yep.  I didn’t realize it.  And for the last 2-3 weeks, Yoplait yogurt has been the main staple of my diet.  Breakfast & lunch, I’d indulge in red velvet cake, triple berry torte, and many other yummy flavors.

So when I was reading an article from “eat this, not that” on Yahoo, I was really surprised to find out about HFCS in yogurt.  I never checked the label.  I just thought, hey, all yogurt is healthy, right??  WRONG.

Fortunately, according to the Eat This, Not That… Greek Fage yogurt has no HFCS and has more protein than other brands.  Proteins help increase muscle build up and restrict the body’s ability to digest fat.  I’ve been eating a lot of seafood – LOTS – like dinner 5-6 days a week is some form of fish, crab, or lobster.  Trying to stay healthy.  I have got 39 more pounds to go.

I’m hoping to bump up protein content in my diet.  Chocolate milk has more protein in it than white milk.  I’ve found one brand (nesquick) that doesn’t have HFCS in it.  My new agenda is to avoid HFCS at all costs.  Hopefully that will send my body spinning – it won’t know what to do without all that extra sugar.

And incidentally – Fage Greek 2% yogurt is FRIGGING DELICIOUS.  Way better than Yoplait, and much more filling.  Yum!

Ok, diet talk over.  Time to go drive horses.  Finally it isn’t raining out.


About kshai1715

I am a lifelong equestrian, photography enthusiast, sci-fi lover, and sci-fi convention & costuming geek that also loves movies and video games. I am a hard working 30 something woman that survived cancer and am looking forward to a long, healthy, self-empowered life. Welcome to my blog and I hope you enjoy reading about my horses (and the rest of my life) as much as I like writing about them.
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2 Responses to High Fructose Corn Syrup

  1. Dom says:

    Congrats on the weight loss!

  2. kshai1715 says:

    Thanks! You’d think I would feel like I’ve lost the weight, but I really don’t. But I’m geared up to keep plugging away and in about 5 more months, should be down to my goal.

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