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Trailer- W.I.P.- Derby – back on

…that’s work-in-progress.  Not rest in pieces.  Which it almost did, too.  I had three different people look at the trailer.  One said they woudn’t touch it and it needs to be replaced.  Another said they could do it, but it could cost … Continue reading

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Trailer Pictures

Proof that I was not kidding when I said there was a ton of wood piled into my trailer without permission…. see that whole pile of wood next to my trailer. …… and then I had to unload it myself.  … Continue reading

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No Matter What….

… when it comes to horses, I am CURSED.  CURSED, I TELL YA. *Nothing* and boy, do I mean nothing has gone right for me and my horses since 2003.  I pick out a hackney pony for my husband and … Continue reading

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Harness training Day 11- Chewbacca the sled horse

It really has been over a week since I last worked Chewbacca in harness.  What a week.  With all the rain in the past 7 days I haven’t gotten much done with the horses at all.  And with rain expected … Continue reading

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High Fructose Corn Syrup

Just a little diet- related rant here.  I am 9 weeks deep into my diet/fitness exercise.  I recently saw a registration form for a 5k run in my town.  It’s in June.  I wonder if by then, I could be … Continue reading

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More Derby Anticipation

It has not been a good week for working horses.  Bummer.  The weather has been downright brutal.  Rainy, windy, cold.  Heck, it even snowed. Today we finally have a glimmer of sun, and I plan to let the pent-up horses … Continue reading

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Fun with “FUG-TOS”

Ok, Today I didn’t do anything with the horses.  It was cold.  Really cold.  And I’m a wuss.  Sadly, with rain in the forecast all MidWest Horse Fair weekend long, I doubt I’ll be doing much with Chewie, Luke, or … Continue reading

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