Never a dull moment….

Ok, I admit, over the last few days I’ve had some near mental breakdowns over the whole riding thing.  While I can go into more detail about how I’ve been wondering how the hell my riding could have gone so bad and how the heck I spent 20 years actually getting worse at something, suffice to say, I won’t.

It was just something brought on by selling half my tack so far, and having someone looking at the saddle, too.  I feel like the end of an era is upon me.  I love riding.  I love riding so much and I all I ever really wanted to do was ride, enjoy riding, and show a little.  And I’m not talking A shows.  But just enjoyable little shows.  It’s been hard to come to the realization that I don’t belong on a horse.  I don’t understand how this problem with my riding could have gone unnoticed by me and my trainers for so long and resulted in so much damage.  But anyway, I digress.

I have been thinking more about breaking Chewbacca to drive.  I got him a cheapie little black harness the other week and then decided I wanted a brown one.

My brown harness arrived yesterday and I got it and headed out to the barn to try it on him.  It’s a lovely harness – nice supple leather, pretty tooling.  I don’t know who the maker is, but it seems to be a fairly fancy harness.  Unfortunately, I misread the seller’s measurements and the harness is insanely too small for my 16.2 hand horse.  😦 😦 😦  Bummer.

So I’m back to the black harness and will give Chewie his first ground driving lesson this weekend, weather dependent.  I’m not sure I’m going to be able to break him to drive a cart, but I’ll try.  I don’t know that much about driving, only tid bits I’ve picked up from people I know or have talked to at shows, 1 clinic I attended and experience from driving Luke and Dixie. 

So I’ll give it a try.

So any way, after the barn, we went to leave and my car wouldn’t start.  It wouldn’t turn over. Nothing. It was dead.  Like a door nail.  Thankfully, if there’s any place to break down, it’s at the barn.  I had my husband with me and while the battery charger was plugged in, we got both Luke and Dixie worked.  That worked out well.

What didn’t work out well was the waiting at the barn for almost 2 hours until the tow truck came.  The car never started.  It really sucked.

I love my truck. Love it.  I’ve had it since 2003 and I’ve personally put over 100,000 miles on it.  It’s just 2 oil changes shy of 200,000 miles and it’s on personal order from me to live forever. 

So we sat and waited for the tow truck and then got a ride to a block shy of our house. 

As we walked down the street to the house, of course our psycho neighbor was outside flat out plastered drunk because it’s St. Patrick’s Day and isn’t that an excuse to get even *more* drunk than you normally are?

When we moved to where we live, it was supposed to be short term.  We’ve been there 6 years now with no end in sight.  I hate living there.  Mostly because I hate our neighbor.  We live next door to the single worst trailer trash nightmare in the whole town – every member of the police force knows exactly who she is because they’ve all been to her house so many many many times.

She harrasses us and comes to our house banging on the door at 10 at night crying and sobbing because she’s insane.  There’s been many mental breakdowns along the way , and there was that time she was running around nude screaming hysterically like she was being murdered….. yea… seriously.

So my husband and I are walking down the street and she follows us, screaming at us and being a drunk nut, telling us we need to find God and preaching to us.  She followed us to our house and continued on and on and my husband had the police come. Again.  And they always come in pairs, so we had 2 police cars outside of our house. Again. 

By the time we sat down for dinner I was ready for bed.

And still, there’s more…

this morning I called the mechanic who has my car. Guess what?  ….

It starts.  It’s running.  It’s fine.  And they can’t find anything wrong with it.

I used to have a Camaro, it was a 1987 white one with T-Tops.  I loved that car.  It was a beauty.  But it had this unfortunate problem of just shutting off and not starting again for minutes or hours.  It would turn itself off in traffic, or just refuse to start in a parking lot somewhere. 

I took it to mechanic after mechanic after mechanic and no one ever found the problem. 

Now it seems the Jeep is doing the same thing?!!!  It was acting like the battery died or the alternator went, cranking over like it had no juice and then it wouldn’t crank at all.  With the battery charger plugged in, it cranked and cranked and cranked but wouldn’t fire up.

And now it’s running fine and the mechanic can’t find the source of the problem.

Why does this sound so familiar?…

And why the hell do I always have these “mystery” problems… cars, horses, riding… nothing ever goes right does it?

And like yesterday, it usually hits all at once….

So now I probably think I need a new car.  I need a new house for sure.  I also need to get a new outlook on the joys of driving instead of riding my horse…..

Awesome times.  Really fun.  Hoo rah.  🙂


About kshai1715

I am a lifelong equestrian, photography enthusiast, sci-fi lover, and sci-fi convention & costuming geek that also loves movies and video games. I am a hard working 30 something woman that survived cancer and am looking forward to a long, healthy, self-empowered life. Welcome to my blog and I hope you enjoy reading about my horses (and the rest of my life) as much as I like writing about them.
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