The hardened criminal I am…

Ok, this has DEFINITELY started out to be a really STRANGE YEAR!!!!  We’re barely 1 week into 2011 and I’m ready for it to be over.  It’s like a line in the show “The Office”…….

“I try to wait as long as I can to take my vacation.  This year, I made it to the second week of January”

Sounds about right.  It’s not quite the second week of January yet, and I’m ready for vacation!!!

So, my husband had surgery on New Year’s Eve and then I got sick.  I am just starting to feel better, but between me being sick and my hubby being home to recover from surgery, it’s just been a hard week.  He’s on painkillers and antibiotics, and now he’s starting to feel a little sick like I was, too. 

So, yesterday, after work, I headed off to to the barns to visit all the horses.  I’ve decided I do not spend enough time just seeing Chewbacca – I usually only go to the barn to ride, and I don’t want him to think of me like that.  I spend a lot of play time with Luke and a good amount with Dixie, too, just hanging out and brushing them and not working them.  I have not done that at all with Chewbacca in the 2 months he’s been living at the show barn.  So last night, I was determined to spend some non-riding QT time with Chewie.

Before all that, though, I left work and made a bee line for a nearby fast food place.  I was hungry.  Normally, I don’t think going through a drive through would be considered a criminal act.  However, the cop behind me apparantly thought it was.  He made a sharp diversion in his previous trajectory and shot into the parking lot of the restaurant after me like I did something wrong.  Mind you, I don’t speed, I drive an SUV, so it’s not like I’m tearing it up in a flaming red Camaro or anything.  I wear my seatbelt, I don’t pull out in front people or cut anyone off.  My husband usually complains that I drive like “Miss Daisy”… although if you’ve actually seen that movie, you’d know her driving was terrible.  But you get the point.

So anyway, I proceed on my merry way into the drive through lane and the cop proceeds to pull around the corner and watch me.  He watched me as I ordered my food, paid the drive thru person, and sat awaiting my food…  I took my change and put it in my wallet and texted my husband that a cop was watching me.  As I wait my food, the cop pulls into the drive through behind me and sits there.  He didn’t order anything, he just pulled in right behind me.  I watched him and watched him and texted my husband that I think I was about to get pulled over in the drive thru… for reasons unknown.  I had no idea what the hell I did.  So I watch the cop obviously run my plates.  I get my food and as the person hands me my baggie of fattening greasy drive thru food, the cop tears out of there and drives off. 

So, I pull out of the drive thru line and cautiously get back onto the main road, wondering if he just moved to a different spot to stop me elsewhere?  I looked high and low and did not see the cop.


Seriously, is it in my rights to call the police station and find out why that cop did what he did????  I haven’t had a ticket in years.  Well, OK, I did get one in 2009 for not wearing a seatbelt (which I always do now).  I use my turn signals, don’t speed, and basically have no idea whatsoever what I did to warrant those actions.  Obviously I didn’t do much, or he would have pulled me over, but something spurred him to follow me around and run my plates.

This was like 10 minutes after I got out of work.  Ridiculous.

But wait! There’s more!

Ohhh yea…. 

So I go to the barn and visit with Luke.  I spend about 30 minutes just brushing him and giving him treats.  Then  I proceed to other barn to visit Chewbacca. (yes, I slacked and did not spend time with Dixie.  But I don’t think she really cares anyway!!)

Husband proceeds to call me about 5 times in the 15 minutes it takes to go from barn 1 to barn 2 and complain and complain that there’s no reason for me to go barn 2 and see Chewie since I was just there the day before and Chewie’s fine and he needs me home.  I could go into more detail, but on and on and on he carried on like I was some horrible person neglecting him.  He wanted me to stop at the store and bring him something to make his dinner, and since I was going to barn 2, I’d be gone extra long and he’d have to wait longer for dinner. 

The whining continueth and I spend a good 1/2 hour brushing Chewie, too.  When I return to my car and phone, I see my husband left me 4 voicemails, all to complain that he was hungry.

So of course, by now I am just completely infuriated with my husband and why I need to explain/defend myself about going to see my horse (and his horses), and I pull into a gas station near barn 2 for a fill up, because I was getting fairly low.

I pay the attendant with $30 in cash for some gas.  Now, part of this amount was my change from the restaurant where I almost got pulled over.  The gas station clerk comes running out to me as I am pumping and tells me I have to stop the pump because the $10 bill I gave him was FAKE.

I forked him over a new $10 and continued pumping my gas, but I could not believe what I was hearing.  I’ve never seen a counterfeit bill in my life, and I really never look at my money.  I was so preoccupied with the cop watching me anyway, that I just shoved the money in my wallet and never even glanced at it.  It was the right size and the right color, so why would I expect it to be a fake bill???

So I go into the gas station to talk to the clerk, because he wanted to show me the bill, and his manager tells him he HAS TO CALL THE POLICE ON ME.  Because I’m the hardened criminal passing out counterfiet bills.  I was just about floored.  Talk about a f**ked up night!!! 

The clerk did show me the bill, and sure enough, if you actually look at it, you can plainly see that it pure fake.  It was printed on normal paper, and it had ink-jet printer lines throughout it.  It was not centered and it was cut at a slight angle, too.  It was a bad fake job at that.

Thankfully, the clerk did NOT call the police on me and have me arrested for a felony, however, I did leave my name & number all the same.

I then proceeded to call the restaurant back and tell them what had happened and that I expect a real $10 bill back. I  have not heard back from the manager of the store as of yet.

So then I proceeded to the pharmacy to get my husband’s medicine and go to the store.  By the time I got home and showered, I was so frazzled I could barely contain myself.  All I wanted to do was either pass out or kill someone, namely the husband. 🙂

What a screwed up night. 

Totally totally crazy start to the new year. 

So, how was your day?


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I am a lifelong equestrian, photography enthusiast, sci-fi lover, and sci-fi convention & costuming geek that also loves movies and video games. I am a hard working 30 something woman that survived cancer and am looking forward to a long, healthy, self-empowered life. Welcome to my blog and I hope you enjoy reading about my horses (and the rest of my life) as much as I like writing about them.
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1 Response to The hardened criminal I am…

  1. Dom says:

    Wow. You cannot make this stuff up. I’m glad you didn’t get in trouble for the fake bill. Who makes a fake TEN???? Ugh.

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