How not to start out the new year…

I have been sick since New Year’s Eve.  Sore throat, sniffling, congestion, hot, cold, hot, cold, hot, cold, sweaty, freezing,overwhelmingly tired and a little dizzy from time to time.  Compared to my husband who just had surgery on New Year’s Eve, I think he’s the healthy one.  That’s not a good thing 🙂

2011 is definitely starting out a little rough for both my husband and me.  We’re both ill with our own ailments, all of our bills have gone up, and of course my husband is not working for 2 weeks to recover from surgery, and while I am going to work, I feel like a zombie and would love to just pass out and stay home all day in bed.

How’s that song go?  “SOUNDS LIKE LIFE TO ME!”

Yea, yea.
The one shining beacon of hope this year has been Chewbacca.  Granted his board went up, and between the higher base cost, the add on fees for heat and turnout, and extra lessons every week, it’s getting to the unaffordable level quickly.  I’ve had to make the choice to cut back on extra lessons, so starting now, I will only be jumping him once a week because it’s just too expensive to keep doing it twice a week.  If I can survive boarding there until April, the cost will drop because the heat will turn off and I can resume 2 lessons a week then.

I will still ride him twice during the week and once on the weekend, but that will be my only jumping lesson for at least the next 3 months.  And speaking of jumping lessons, my first one of the year on Sunday was awesome!  I felt like crap and was sweating when I got to the barn, despite it being about 20 and very windy outside.  Chewie nickered hi and asked politely for his molasses cookies, which I was happy to provide in excess! 🙂

I was a little nervous about cantering him, because the last time I had ridden him, we had some weird issue crop up where it sounded like he was choking on his own tongue, so I was afraid to revisit that.  I think I held my breath nervously when I asked for the canter, but after a time or two around the arena, I realized he sounded fine and the rest of the flat workout was fantastic.  We jumped a little bit, keeping it short because I was sick, but we again worked on pretty much the same course… trot over the cross rail, canter out, simple lead change (if needed), canter down a line, simple lead change (if needed) and canter out over 2’6″ oxer.

I love that rainbow oxer.  I used to hate it.  But Chewie likes it and I like it.  I feel like we are a little stuck at the moment.  He has been landing on the correct leads, so I’m not needing to do simple changes too often.  I feel like I want to work on flying changes with him, but I’ve tried a few times during my hacks and cannot get him to do it, so I don’t feel I am capable of teaching him the cues I intend.  I also feel like we’ve been jumping the same 4 fences for so long, in the same direction, all to the right, that we really need to switch things up.  I was so happy the last time I jumped him when we added in 2 more fences on the left lead, so we finally did a full course and 2 changes of lead (simple changes, of course).

It’s good to do the same work to the point where Chewie’s super confident with it before we make changes, but I feel we are at an beyond that point.  He’s moving correctly, jumping correctly, staying straight, balancing up, and landing on the correct lead 85% of the time.  I’d like to try something a little more… challenging, I guess.. go back to gymnastics, or try some jumper type courses where we have to do roll backs, my other favorite thing in the world.  Boy I love rollbacks 🙂


Anyway, I’m still sick, but I’ll be looking forward to hacking Chewie tonight.  Maybe I’ll play with flying changes again on my own today.


Have a good one!


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I am a lifelong equestrian, photography enthusiast, sci-fi lover, and sci-fi convention & costuming geek that also loves movies and video games. I am a hard working 30 something woman that survived cancer and am looking forward to a long, healthy, self-empowered life. Welcome to my blog and I hope you enjoy reading about my horses (and the rest of my life) as much as I like writing about them.
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1 Response to How not to start out the new year…

  1. Dom says:

    Feel better! Sucks about the cost of everything going up. Hope you can hold out til April without complications. I want a rainbow oxer!

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