Morning Wake Up Call

Ugh!  Monday Morning.  Christmas is over.  The year is almost over.  What a holiday it was indeed.  For me, holidays are not terribly enjoyable.  It is a time of selfishness and family arguments and I think the true meaning of Christmas (whatever that actually is) is lost.  For the last several years my dad hadn’t even sent me a Christmas card, which goes right along with how I don’t get a birthday card or phone call either on my birthday.  This year my Dad did actually send me a card for Christmas which shocked me.  I’m not sure why he did that.  I called him but got his voicemail and he never called me back to say Merry Christmas.  This is my father I’m talking about – not some total stranger who doesn’t have to be bothered.  But for me, the holidays are usually such a big project because my family couldn’t be bothered.  My mom will get royally offended if I don’t call her, but when I do call her to wish her a Merry Christmas all she does is gripe and moan about bad the world is and her life is so sucky and after 31 years of hearing her self-pitying put-me-downs, I really have no interest in calling her.  Still I do.  Just to be the “good daughter”.  Yea, like that even matters.

On the other half of the family I have my husband and his elderly parents.  They are pushing 80 and his mom is overly neurotic and full of anxiety.  If everything is not done like it’s 1952, it’s not good enough.  She is high stress, always hyper-actively yelling, and so prim and formal that it is just un-enjoyable to be there.  His dad is full of health problems and all he does is bitch and moan with about as much drama as my mother.  Every year we have to spend the evening of Christmas and a few other holidays at their house and sleep over like it’s a big party.

Personally, I would have rather gone to the barn and played with the horses.  Much more enjoyable.

As far as my husband goes, usually every year he complains that the gifts I give him aren’t good enough, or I didn’t wrap them properly so he guessed what they were.  I never know what to buy him, so for about 2 months before Christmas I get full of stress, fretting about what to get him so I don’t have to hear him whining.  This year, though, was the topper.  He put together a list of things he wanted and there were about 30 items on it I think.  I spent $150 on him and bought him 27 of those items.  Well, the 3 things I didn’t get him ruined his Christmas for him.

It took him until 4am the following morning, but then he woke me up and lectured me about how he feels cheated that I didn’t tell him he wasn’t going to get one of those things and that he doesn’t understand why I didn’t get the other 2 on eBay and how I could have lost out on auction after action (I tried about 6 times to win those 2 things, but kept losing.  I was trying to stay within my budget including all the other gifts I got him).  The one item was at Wal Mart and cost $100.  So on and on for about an hour he went about why I didn’t got those 3 things and what’s the point of even doing a Christmas list because he doesn’t get what he asked for and how he’s not trying to be ungrateful he just really wanted those other things so the $150 worth of other crap I got him simply doesn’t cut it.

Well, by this point, I was ready to suffocate him under a pillow, so I just walked away and ended up getting little sleep on Sunday morning.  Nice wake up call there.  When it came time for me to head out to the barns, I really didn’t want him along.  I was already planning to run to WalMart to buy that $100 gift so I didn’t have to hear about it anymore, and I didn’t want him along to bitch and moan about he didn’t get it.  So we had an argument about how I told him I don’t want him to come and he ended up coming anyway and sure enough he informed me that we will be stopping at WalMart after my lesson. (Big surprise there).

Luke and Dixie got a little bit of play time in the arena in the snow.  I was running a little behind because our arguing delayed my time scheduled, so they only got about 10 minutes to play.  But it was pretty cold anyway.  I am going to find Dixie a mini muzzle to keep her grazing down during the day because she is just so fat.

Then I headed to the other barn to ride Chewbacca and although he was sound, I noticed a huge lump on his leg.  He had just come in from pasture and the lump was a little hot, and very very very large.  I thought uh-oh.  It was in a strange spot on the upper part of the inside of his leg.  It was not really in the spot where you’d expect swelling if he popped a splint, and not really in a spot where you’d expect swelling if he damaged a tendon or ligament.  It was sort of just in between those two spots and it was not painful nor was he lame, but it was a bit hot and of course I’m the overly protective mom that I am.  In about 2 minutes the swelling was 85 % gone.  After about 10 minutes, it was 90% gone.  I have a suspicion that it was a hematoma.  He was playing in turnout and he probably banged his leg with his other hoof while running, bursting a small blood vessel.  Definitely does not appear to be anything serious at all, and I iced it, wrapped it, and left him to hang out in his stall for the rest of the day.  My trainer will check on him today although I suspect he’ll be fine.  When I left him yesterday the swelling was very very minor.

I rode another horse for my lesson instead and did a little jumping on one the school horses that I enjoy riding.  It was a good lesson, but I quickly realized just how used to riding Chewie I am!

This morning my cats were getting dangerously low on food in their free feeder so at 5am, I had two of them bopping me in the head with their faces.  One started howling at me while the other one stuck his cold nose on my neck and dropped his whole fuzzy body on my head, purring and rubbing.  He’s very lovey when he wants food!!!  This went on until about 630 before I finally could no longer ignore them and got up to feed them.

I tell ya, I don’t need an alarm clock in my house.  Between the cats or the parrot, someone wakes us up before 6am every day.  Aye eye eye.

All in all, I’m glad Christmas is over although I’d much rather stay home and sleep today rather than go to work !!!  🙂  I need a vacation from the holiday.  Too much work on the holidays.


OH!!  In other exciting news, my fiction book is almost completed for the first draft.  I’m very excited about this story and very happy with how it’s turned out.  I have about 2-3 more pages to write.  I almost got it done on Friday, but I ran out of time.  Once I get the whole first draft finished, I’ll go back and edit 1-2 more times and then I will try to see about getting it proof read and then from there, published.  My other book, how to buy a horse, is 100% completed, but going on the back burner.  I decided it is not good enough to publish, and there are a lot of other people out there much more qualified than me to write a book on buying a horse.  I want to concentrate my efforts on the fiction book, and I’ll post a page here in a day or two.  I’m excited about bringing this story to completion, and in just over 1 year, that’s a quick turn around for me.  Very quick!

Well, that’s that.  Thanks for reading along!


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I am a lifelong equestrian, photography enthusiast, sci-fi lover, and sci-fi convention & costuming geek that also loves movies and video games. I am a hard working 30 something woman that survived cancer and am looking forward to a long, healthy, self-empowered life. Welcome to my blog and I hope you enjoy reading about my horses (and the rest of my life) as much as I like writing about them.
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