Chewbacca and crew commemorated

About maybe five or six years ago or so while out on a farm call, I went to a farm for a lady that clearly had more money than most of us could imagine.  She had about 20 horses or so in an environment so beautiful and well maintained, I would have wanted to live there.  As we entered the huge red barn and passed perfectly stained stalls, we were directed into the lounge – which had glass floor to ceiling walls the whole way down on three sides, and a double set of glass doors leading from the barn.  It was decorated with rustic style furniture and was so beautiful it looked a little like some ski resort lobby.

Right there on a little table near the entrance door were a whole bunch of Breyer horses, all painted up to look like the horses in the barn, with little plaques under their feet bearing their names.

I thought that was a totally great idea, so I proceeded afterwards to get Breyers that matched the look of all the horses I’ve owned.  I’ve finally finished up with the last 3 I needed, and I even have an extra, just in case 🙂  LOL.


Now, mind you, I would appreciate no laughing. I’m no artist and obviously I painted these myself.  My husband laughs at them enough, and tells me all about how I could have done better and what I need to fix.  He’s the artsy one in our family, he’s the one with talent, but I’m the one that actually does things, so I’m happy with them.


I’ve got to introduce everybody in order, so here we go….



Lady.   She has a YouTube Video, check out my YouTube Channel in the blogroll to the right.


Lickety.  Again, he’s got a YouTube Video.

Starship.  He was a 4 year old TB I bought back when everything I rode was a TB off the track.  For a while I had him and Lickety together.  I sold Lickety and then realized I couldn’t handle Starship – too hot and too green.  I sold Starship and tried to buy Lickety back, but his new people would not sell.   I talked to them back in the early part of the year and Lickety is still with them and doing well.  Kind of funny that the model I got for Starship is in the running position, because that was Starship’s favorite thing to do – bolt with me out of control.  And no, even though I am a science fiction fan, I did not name this horse.  The name on his Jockey Club Papers was indeed Starship Shocker.  I’d love to know where he ended up, and I have been searching for him for about 6 years now.

Kitana.  Another OTTB.  I went right from one I couldn’t handle to another.  Boy do I know how to pick em.  Actually, I bought her and loaded her into the trailer and in about 15 minutes, she proceeded to shred her hip apart, ruining it right down to the bone.  By the time she healed and I finally got to working her and riding her, it was pretty clear we were not destined to get along.  I had a little girl riding her after that and she loved the horse and they got along well, but her parents would not let her lease or buy her.  So I sold Kitana and last I heard, she ended up drowned in a pond that she fell into.  I’m unconfirmed if this is true or not, but I do believe it is.  Poor girl.


And then I move on to Zoltan.  Another OTTB.  LOL.  I had him for about 2 years or was it 3… I took him to Georgia with me, and sold him down there. I am still looking to figure out his whereabouts.  Someday I hope to find out exactly where Z and Starship both ended up, but who knows if I ever will.  It’s amazing how you can lose track of a horse so quickly the moment you let them out of sight.

When I moved from GA, I waited a while and ended up buying another black horse.  This one was a 4 year old paint.  You think by now I’d have realized I don’t do well with young green horses, but no.  I figured he wasn’t a TB so he wasn’t going to bolt with me, and so I’d have much better luck, right.. Yea, that didn’t go so well either, so Nite Lite here moved on to a new home and the last I heard his new people love him to death and both the mother and daughter ride him and they jump him.


I know now that it wasn’t the horses, it was that I wasn’t working with a trainer when I had any of them.  After I moved to Georgia, I barely ever rode with an instructor.  That’s a big bad drawback to living at home with your horses and riding in your own arena. No trainer.  When I moved again, I continued to bounce around from barn to barn with no trainer.   So I decided to move on from young horses and go with something older and calmer.  Enter Tate.  He has a YouTube video, too.  I loved Tate, he was a good boy, but again, his story didn’t work out so well for either of us.

When I could no longer ride Tate, and he went into a paddock by himself for controlled footing in the turnout, we bought Dixie as a companion for Tate.  Dixie’s got a YouTube Video too 🙂  She’s a brat.

A few months later I bought Spyder.  I won’t even go into talking about her.  She had a video on YouTube, too.

And then of course, we bought the pookey poney!  Luke Skywalker, the most aweseomest pony ever.  This is the only Breyer I haven’t painted because I’m under orders to not paint it by my husband.  He said he’ll paint it so it looks like a normal and realistic horse, but he’ll never get around to doing it.


And last of course, the whole reason we’re all here… My newest love, Chewbacca.  Who is doing momentously well and since I’m doing my best to stick with my trainer, I hope to have a good ending to his story many years from now.


The clan.  Remembered.




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I am a lifelong equestrian, photography enthusiast, sci-fi lover, and sci-fi convention & costuming geek that also loves movies and video games. I am a hard working 30 something woman that survived cancer and am looking forward to a long, healthy, self-empowered life. Welcome to my blog and I hope you enjoy reading about my horses (and the rest of my life) as much as I like writing about them.
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2 Responses to Chewbacca and crew commemorated

  1. Dom says:

    I think your hubby needs to shush. These are lovely and I really enjoyed getting to know your gang. The mare who drowned makes me extra sad. My horse and I had a near-drowning experience a few years back and it haunts me to this day. I’d love to have Breyers of my favorite horses over the years, but they’d be a dull bunch… all bay with no white markings. Haha.

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