Pages and pages and frustrations and legs…

This has been a stressful week!  I’ve been completely wigged out over Chewie’s blown up leg, which yes, it went down about 12 hours after I found him limping with a huge fetlock (ankle for you non-horse people….)

My horse is doing better, but I am still having some difficulty getting him managed properly.  He was on stall rest for 3 days and then got some turnout during the day and overnight his leg would swell back up.  No where to the point that it was, and he is sound on it.  After talking to the vet, he said to put the horse back out in 24 hour turnout like he’s been.  Staying in the stall overnight is making the puffiness come back.  I am hoping to get on him tonight and ride him at the walk for a few minutes before darkness sets in and after I take my image of the day.

This month has been a real challenge and this last week is making it even harder!  The husband was sick last week and I had the horse injured this week on top of the kittens he’s fostering, and I have to help do a few things with, taking my picture a day and trying to stay focused at work.  Well, it’s not all going as planned.  It is very frustrating.

For whatever reason, they keep putting Chewie back in a stall even though I keep telling the barn owner he needs to stay out.  they’re trying not to mix Chewie with the new horse until the one pasture gets divided so they can go out in those, so that somehow transaltes into keeping him in a stall at night so his leg can puff up?!!?!?  I tell ya, I am so aggrivated over this whole situation.  None of this would have happened if fucktards didn’t ruin my horse in the first place.

Ugh. Hopefully tonight Chewie will be back outside and when I get to the barn at 7 tomorrow morning I will find him outside with his leg not puffy.  It’s just stocking up a bit, nothing major.  I think he can definitely handle some walking under saddle if I have enough daylight left to do that.  Plus I need to talk to the barn owner again for the third time about keeping him back out in normal 24 hour turnout.

Some horses just stock up overnight in a stall. It happens.  What’s concerning me is that he is only stocking up on the injured leg.  Had I known he was going to be put back in a stall again oppositely from what I said needed to be done, I would have wrapped his legs so he wouldn’t stock up and I am sure that would have helped.  This is just so very stressful that my horse got hurt in the first place and now I cannot get him managed properly because I just cannot seem to get any cooperation from the barn.

I just want to have a horse to ride.  Why is that so much to ask?!  This is fucking ridiculous and making me crazy that I just can’t get one simple thing done.  My horse has always been a pasture horse – put him back out in pasture.  Quit locking him up in a stall at night when I tell you otherwise and making his leg blow up.    Period.  Why is this so hard?!

Anyway, the other thing that has been a work  in progress, which I actually do not think I mentioned at all, is my book.  Two books actually.  I’ve been writing one for oh….  about 6 years. LOL. I ‘m a slow writer.  Amazingly it is almost complete, though.  The second book I just started this summer and it’s coming along well.  I have been blowing out page after page after page, and I think I have it about 2/3rd’s done.  I like to write (can you tell)?

I just do it for fun and a hobby.  I wrote my Predator novel, which you can actually read because I do have it online – check out my Predator fanfiction site.  That took me about 9 years to complete.  I think I started it in 1998 or so and finally finished it in 2007.  Having surgery and not being able to walk and not having a job really helped me find the time to finish that. 

I also wrote a Predator/DS9/Alien crossover, which also took several years to do.  That has been finished for a long, long time.  I have a few other Predator stories I wrote.  They are anwyhere from 80-300 pages each.    I love Predator.  Incidentally, Predators came out this week on DVD. I bought it, but have not found the time to watch it yet.

Anyway, my Predator fan fiction is just that- fan fiction.  Not meant to be published, really technically can’t be since there’s thing called copyright laws and all… lol.

However, the other two books – those are horse related.  And the one I started years ago I guess I never really planned on publishing, I just wanted to write it for the sake of writing, but now that I think about it, I would like to try to publish it.  The second book that I am currently flying through at a record pace (for me), I definitely want to try to publish.

If  I get it published, I’ll probably piss off most of my family should they ever read it but I really don’t care.  I would not call it a true story at all, it’s definitely fiction, but it would not be too unfair to say it is based off true events .  The first 12-13 chapters or so are pretty much based of real life experiences, and the characters are based off real life people too.  In the end though, it’s a “feel good” type story.

The other book is a non fiction buyer’s guide to purchasing a horse.  I still haven’t worked out a name yet for it, but I figured since I’ve made EVERY SINGLE horse purchasing MISTAKE IN THE WORLD (buying lame ones, site unseen, auction… you name it…. lol!)  I figured I am more than qualified to write a book about not making those mistakes. 

I finally followed my own advice, too, when it came to buying my next horse.  It took me longer to find the right horse to buy, but I couldn’t be happier with him and am very grateful I did follow my own words for a change.   I actually did find the “right ONE”.   Ironically he’s hurt now and my plague still exists, but at least he’s doing better

Anyway, so the other thing that has been taking up my time aside from writing, has been trying to research publishers/agents, and what the hell to do next now that I’ve got these (almost) done.  WOW, is this a whole new world I never expected to be so hard. I  am so very very confused .

If anyone out there has ever published a book, or tried to… PLEASE HELP!  LOL 🙂  A little advice would be really helpful.

I read one thing about how publishing houses work and then I read something else that completely conflicts with what I just read.  I am looking into literary agents to see if that is a better route to go, and it seems like it is.  I have a lot of questions….

What is better to do? Find a publisher directly or go through an agent?

  I know for sure I do not want to do self-publishing or self-promotion in any way.  It seems that a lot of publishers have the author do most of the leg work.  Is that really true?  I thought a publisher was there to print, market, and make money from your book… not just to print it and have you do the work to get it sold?  I’m really confused on this particular point…

I’ve found several agents in my area that take queries and submissions, but charge reading fees and whatnot.  I used to model when I was younger, and when I was working with my modeling agent, the one thing I remember is that I learned that a good agent does not charge you a dime.  Not one cent.  They get money by promoting/selling you/your product.  Seems to me it would be the same for book agents, too?  Right? yes? no? maybe?

I am not expecting to have the next Great American Novel, I am not J.K. Rowling, but I still don’t think it is my responsibilty to pitch my book to retailers and what not…?

A few places I’ve found require up-front investment money from the author for their services.  That seems like a total sham to me.  When I modeled, I never even had to pay for portfolio pictures.  My agent arranged all of that. 

Incidentally, when I did model, I stopped doing it after I got the opportunity to model in New York at a palce on Park Avenue for Revlon.  They wanted to cut my hair and I told them no way no how!  Pretty much stopped modeling after that. Plus I was pushing 18, which is like old lady for modeling… lol 🙂

Anyway, if you can shed some insight into my book publishing questions, that would be awesome!!!  I’m taking notes … trust me.


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I am a lifelong equestrian, photography enthusiast, sci-fi lover, and sci-fi convention & costuming geek that also loves movies and video games. I am a hard working 30 something woman that survived cancer and am looking forward to a long, healthy, self-empowered life. Welcome to my blog and I hope you enjoy reading about my horses (and the rest of my life) as much as I like writing about them.
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One Response to Pages and pages and frustrations and legs…

  1. Ellen says:

    I would suggest poking around the National Novel Writing Month site (maybe even join in! It’s a lot of fun, even if I’ve failed epically every year)

    They have a lot of advice for writers. The publishing aspect comes around more near the end of November/beginning of December, but you might be able to find something.

    I haven’t published myself, but the advice I’ve heard more often than not is to find a reputable agent. Publishing houses are more likely to look at work suggested to them by an agent who regularly gives them good work. Some won’t even bother to read a lot of manuscripts sent to them by the authors, and rely almost solely on agents. There was a really good article about it somewhere, I wish I could remember where I’d seen it… I seem to remember that paying a small fee to the publishing company is not uncommon, as they have no way of knowing whether or not the book will actually sell. But, I might be remembering wrong. If I can find that article, or whatever it was, I’ll let you know.

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