Where have I been?!

Wow,  I can not believe it’s been nearly a week since I’ve posted!  Where did time go??!  I’ve been around!  And Chewbacca has been doing great!  I have just been so involved in the photo-a-day challenge (which you can read about on my photography blog), that I have not been thinking about much else!

Between that and getting the new saddle, it’s been a busy week !  I am happy to say that the saddle fits Chewie perfectly.  Today I took a ride in it – my second full ride in the saddle this week.  The weather has been unreal —- waking up to 35-40 and by noon it’s 75-80.  This morning, by 10am, it was 75.  It was really warm out!  The horses are getting their winter fuzz, so they’re warming up a whole lot faster now.  I literally rode Chewbacca in the arena for about 10 minutes this morning.

My husband came to the barn last night and today to help me with my photo-a-day images (I needed a horse wrangler for them).. and this morning he harnessed up his hackney and headed out on the rode.  I brought Chewbacca into the arena and rode him a bit, stopped, made adjustments, rode a little more, stopped again and made more adjustments to the new saddle, leathers, and stirrups… and then rode some more and yes, stopped again to make more adjustments!  I had to get off and get back on once to make yet even more adjustments.  Finally after more adjusting than riding, I managed to get a good trot and a nice canter with Chewie and then stopped, turned, and walked out of the arena.

Finally, the new saddle is adjusted, though – I got the stirrups to the right length and know now what holes the girth needs to be on to keep the saddle from slipping back, which happened more than once before I got it totally tight.  I’m sure I’ll wind up hanging sideways from him as my saddle slips back and turns over on his back before I get everything situated to where I want it to be, none the less, today, I had a nice ride.

Since it was brutally hot for the early morning, the outdoor arena has no shade at all, and I did get a short ride, I began to look around and wonder where my husband had driven off to.  By the time I got on, he had been driving already, and by the time I was done futzing with the saddle and leathers, he had been gone a while…. so, I opened the gate from atop very tall Chewie, and…

took off on the road by myself in search of the hubby.  By myself, I said…  alone.

My hubby goes off alone with Luke frequently.  Luke is an awesome driving pony and as broke and easy to drive alone, in a group, in an arena, or on the road, or in a show ring, as you could possibly ever wish for.  Chewbacca, I’m still getting to know.  I’ve owned him 2 months and have been out on the road 1 time before today.

So, here I am alone, being rather unconfident about trails alone as it is, wondering where the heck the husband went to.  I rode Chewie down to the police station, which is about a ten minute walk from the barn, and that’s as far as I took him last time.  Alas, no husband.  So I looked around and took a random guess that he turned at the intersection and headed off to look for him.  We ran into him about 1 mile from the barn, and hey, guess what!  I rode out ALONE!   LOL.

Chewbacca was not just OK on the road… he was astounding. Awesome. Brilliant.  I had a long, loose rein the whole time and he just dropped his head and walked on.  I asked for a little trot and he trotted.  He got passed by some loon on a motorcycle that didn’t slow down worth a hair and then this moving truck or something with a ton of junk on the back of it rattling.  Ok, that flinched him for like .000006 seconds.  He was great!  Totally great!

Might have been a short ride in the arena, but it was a good long (and hot) ride on the road for about 2 miles out and back, and he was amazing!  (And I guess my husband and Luke did oK, too!)  They had been gone longer, so actually had ventured out about 2 miles away from the barn and were on their return trip when I caught up with them.  Luke has been on all the roads within about a 4-5mile stretch from the barn.  He’s a great pony!


So, that’s that.  I’m still here!  I am just completely engulfed in the photo-a-day challenge , and while i am struggling to get some of the images to go with the word of the day, I am still trying to “swim” and not “sink”.

Tomorrow’s word is Spontaneous.  Monday’s word is Synchronicity.  Some of the other members looked up the meaning of that word, and it does not mean what I thought it meant, so now I’m not sure what I’m going to do.

Well, here’s to spontaneously coming up with a synchronicity image. lol.

Also, we saw Secretariat today, which I thought was a great movie. All in all, as a movie, I liked Seabiscuit better, but Secretariat himself was not only an incredible animal, I think the movie did a great job recreating his amazing feats.  It was a wonderful movie and a great tribute to a truly unique horse.

If you are interested, Secretariat’s actual Belmont Stakes race is on YouTube …

This is by far the single most amazing horse race you’ll ever see.  What an amazing animal.


Ok, time to go ponder spontaneous… (I think?!)

Visit my photography blog for photos!

have a nice weekend!


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I am a lifelong equestrian, photography enthusiast, sci-fi lover, and sci-fi convention & costuming geek that also loves movies and video games. I am a hard working 30 something woman that survived cancer and am looking forward to a long, healthy, self-empowered life. Welcome to my blog and I hope you enjoy reading about my horses (and the rest of my life) as much as I like writing about them.
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