Larger hurdles…

OK, so I had a bummer of a trip to the doctor’s yesterday because of course I had to stand on the scale.  And even though I’ve lost weight in the last few weeks that I’ve finally been riding again, I am still really bummed at how much I weigh, the size clothes I wear, and I really know I need to do something about it.  I get my exercise at the barn.  OK, I don’t get a lot of exercise driving Luke, but riding Chewbacca and working Dixie and then just general back  & forth and running around.

I know I really need to do something about my weight, but I have every excuse known to woman… I’m tired all the time, so after work I barely have energy to even think of exercising…. I have nerve issues in my legs and feet, so I can’t walk/run or take impact exercise… I can’t afford memberships to a gym/YMCA and I’d been to tired to drive there anyway…  etc, etc, etc,….. the list of excuses goes on and on…  really, they are excuses.  I see people every morning on my drive to work at the gym, lined up in the front windows walking endless miles on the treadmills.  I really do wonder how the heck they have time to be in a workout at 8 in the morning?  Do these people not work?  If they don’t work, how do they pay for that membership to run miles and miles?  I guess they must all be MILF’s working off their bean they ate for breakfast for their sugar daddy that evening.

There are minor things I can do to change my habits, and I’ll need to try to work on them.

In the mean time, last night I rode Chewbacca, who was ridiculously wonderful !  He’s being a little lazy at the trot lately, really poking along at a western jog type trot, and I really need to use a lot of leg to motivate him, which only works a few times.  I may need to start carrying a crop.  I never use spurs and never will.  He also had some trouble getting 4 strides through my line of ground poles.  He was getting 5 and even 5 1/2 strides.  I really pushed him as hard as I could, and still only got 5.  Of course he was also swaying a little.  To me he feels a little like he does not want to move forward and straight.  It could be the footing the arena (which is rocky), but I may need to revisit saddle-fitting and possibly look at getting a new saddle.  I’ve used my current saddle for a long long time on many many horses, it’s never given any horse any problems, but that doesn’t mean things can’t change.  I would hate to retire my saddle, but if I find it does not fit him well, I’ll need to.  I will have my trainer take a look on Friday.  Chewie is also just a little less forward at home sometimes.  Some days he does really well, but other days, he’s pokey.  It’s amazing how such a big horse can take such teeny tiny steps 😉  When I haul him to the show barn for lessons, he’s usually a little more forward.  I could probably also add some sweet feed to his meals to give him a little extra step.  So there’s lots of tricks I can do, and I’m not worried about it.  Although I am concerned that there is a possibility my saddle does not fit him.

So anyway,  after our ride, I stopped and took the saddle off and for the first time I (tried) to get on him bareback.  Usually I complain that there’s no one at the barn when I’m there, that I always ride alone, drive alone, work my horses alone.  I’m always by myself.  Last night, though… was a bit of a blessing that no one was around.  It was totally HUMILIATING!!!  Now, I suck bareback anyway.  I can sort of sit a trot, but I can’t post, and I cannot canter.  I’ve only been able to canter bareback on Lickety Split, and that was after owning him for 2 years.  Last night though, I couldn’t even get ON!  My personal worst.

So here I am, the fat overweight lump that I am, trying to stretch my leg from my little mounting block (which is almost too short even with a saddle on, mind you), and I could not do it.  I actually pulled a muscle in my right leg trying to get on Chewie.  I probably looked like I was trying to mate with him, half hanging off his side, with my leg barely coming up to his back.  It was awful.

So, plan B.  I take one of the barrels in the arena and topple it sideways and stand on the barrel… balancing feebly while Chewbacca, the wonderful and tolerant gentleman that he is, just stood there while the barrel rolled under him and I fell off it.  I regrouped and managed somehow (and I’m completely sure in not a pretty way) to toss myself up onto him.  My apologies to him for probably ripping his mane out of his neck while I did this horrible shuffle onto his back.  LOL.

In the end, I cooled him off nicely bareback and worked a little with no reins.  He seemed a little confused about why there was no saddle on him, but once we got that straightened out, I walked and just did a bit of trotting to see if I could sit on him, and then dropped the reins and he steered fairly well without them… until it was dinner time and he made a bee line to the exit gate so he could eat! LOL.

He’s such a gem. I just love him to pieces.

October, I should be inundating you with pictures, because I am going to try to take a picture every day at the barn this month, as part of a photo-a-day challenge on the equine photographers forum.  This should be fun, but I hope I can get to the barn every day and shoot a picture…


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