Cavities and Uncooperative Weather!!!

My “barn time” is getting a little skewed this week!  Sunday I managed to ride Chewie and drive Dixie before I just about dropped from spending nearly 4 drinkless hours at the barn in the nearly 90 degree heat.  Ugh…

Monday is a non-barn day, and yet again, it was almost 90.

Tuesday I would normally go to the barn and ride Chewbacca, but I had a dentisit appointment yesterday evening late enough in the evening that I would not have had the time to go to the barn.  It was almost 90 out again in the evening, and I’m pretty sure the temp went up to about 91 during the day.  It. Was. HOT.

Either it’s getting hotter, or I’m getting wimpier about the heat in my “old age”.  (Hey, I did turn another year older this year)…..  I used to HORSE SHOW in the summer, with a long sleeve black or dark blue hunt coat on.  It was hot, but I managed.  Now, I can barely even breathe in this kind of heat and I can’t even think about daring to work my horses into a sweat. LOL.

So, anyway, I had my cleaning done, which was ridiculously uncomfortable and by the time I got home, my gums were red and swollen.  I had really slacked on having a cleaning done, so this was long long overdue.  And uncomfortable. And bloody.  I was getting a stomach ache from swallowing my own blood.  And they found 2 small cavities, so now I have to go back.  Fun times.

So, then the weather goes from 90 degree heat to non stop rain.  The plus side is that the temperatures have dropped and look like they’ll stay around 70 or cooler for the rest of the week, which is great!

The bad news is, it’s been raining since last night and it’s supposed to rain non stop straight through till tomorrow night.  So we go from super hot and about 2 weeks straight of no rain, to 48 hours of straight rain.  And it’s that little misting drizzle type rain that can just go on and on and on and on, instead of the super hard rain that blows through in a few minutes.

So… my plan for tonight was to drive Luke and give Dixie a good long hard run around in the round pen.  She is getting grossly obese and desperately needs extra work.  I need to bump her up to twice a week, if not 3.  My plan is to drive her weekly and roundpen her at least 1 other time during the week, perhaps twice.  Hopefully between that and then the onset of winter, she’ll drop a much needed 30-50 pounds.  (For a mini, that’s more than 10-20% of her body weight– that’s a LOT).  She looks like she’s overdue for foaling right now, and it’s not good.  It won’t be good for her breathing in the long run, or her feet.  She’s never foundered and I plan on keeping her that way.

Luke is a little porky, too, but he’s a healthy porky.  He’s a solid pony that pulls a lot of weight, so he’s got quite a bit of muscle and a fair bit of fat, too.  Still, the whole once a week or once every two weeks when I can get the hubby to drive work routine isn’t working.  Luke gets about 4-6 months off all winter depending on the weather.  So it’s important that he goes into winter fit and solid, so he can come out in the spring time not needing a total body makeover to be re-started.  Depending on the weather, he can be off anywhere from late October through early April.  Sometimes we’ll drive him in Novemeber, or even December, and sometimes start him back in March, but it depends on how cold/icy/rainy/muddy the world is.  We never drive Luke when there’s ice, or if the arena is frozen.  We do not go on the roads in the winter at all.  Anyway… I just want to keep him worked, and this week pretty much looks like a bust for that.

Chewbacca also by the grace of the rain, gets to have some time off.  Footing-dependant I may ride him tomorrow, but I doubt it.  I think after being rained on for 2 days straight, it will be just too wet, and I wouldn’t want to trot or canter in that type of situation.  That’s OK.  I just really want to ride.  (pining for indoor arena….)

I think tonight will be a good good day to crack out that old tarp (Chewie’s favorite… lol) and do a little playtime in the arena with that.  Oh… and try out my NEW VIDEO CAMERA.

I did one preliminary test on it to check video quality and was much happier with it than the other one…. but I’m still hopeful I can ressurect our old camera, too.  In the mean time, I think tonight will be a good night to do some recording of the horses (if there’s no rain).

I also think I need to buy more RAM for my computer… all this video will probably eat up my storage space pretty quick!  That was another big advantage to using a tape-style camcorder….  you don’t end up with a thousand SD cards, or a computer full of video.  Hmm…

Anyway, until later! 



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I am a lifelong equestrian, photography enthusiast, sci-fi lover, and sci-fi convention & costuming geek that also loves movies and video games. I am a hard working 30 something woman that survived cancer and am looking forward to a long, healthy, self-empowered life. Welcome to my blog and I hope you enjoy reading about my horses (and the rest of my life) as much as I like writing about them.
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