Video issues!

Holy cow, what a weekend!  What a disaster trying to get a simple video of Chewbacca put together has been!!

On Friday night I had a great riding lesson, of which my husband was kind enough to record about 3/4 of for me while I rode.  On Saturday I proceeded to start to capture that video for the sake of taking still images to put on this blog and also to start to compile some video footage for later  use in Premiere to make YouTube videos… and the video camera died. I do mean died… it just stopped working and now has zero power at all.  I can’t even get the tape out of the camera because there’s no power.

So, I proceeded to go out on Saturday morning and purchase a new video camera.  What a difference between a 10 or 12 year old camcorder that operates on mini DV tapes versus today’s palm-sized camera that use SD cards.  Holy cow.  I guess I never really looked at modern video cameras before, I’ve always been thrilled with the old video camera and had no need for a new one.

So, I figured the el-cheap-O Samsung video camera would be sufficient for my needs.  I mean, hey… even a cheap brand new camera has got to be better than a 12 year old camera that runs on cassette tapes, right???  WRONG!!!  I purchase this little camera, complete with SD card, tripod, and camera bag and proceed to go the barn on Sunday morning to self record me riding Chewie.

Firstly, self recording is never a good idea, because you’re out of frame for 1/2 of it depending on where you put the camera, and if you leave it zoomed all the way out to get the most of the arena you can, you end up being so small it’s hard to see anyway. 

So anyway, I did self record my ride sunday…  which incidentally was a FANTASTIC RIDE!!  I did get out to the barn around 9:30 in an effort to beat the heat, and I did fail at that.  By the time I got Chewie tacked and was about to get on, I was already dripping with sweat and by the time we finished, about 45 minutes later, I was exhausted, soaked and really over heated and it was pushing 85 degrees or a little more. 

We had a very good ride, did poles at the walk trot and canter and worked on getting his head dropped and stay moving forward.  He did great, after a little ironing out.  I cut a few corners (bad me!), so I’ll have to pay attention next time and make sure that he doesn’t motorcycle around his turns again.  After I was done in the arena, I opened the gate (a challenge from such a tall horse) and managed to get myself out of the arena still atop his back – also a challenge, since you have to go through 3 gates and under archways on all of them, while stepping up over logs.  I kept the other 2 gates open pre-ride just in case.  We walked around the property for a while to cool off.  So at last, not quite the trail ride I wanted, but I did get Chewie out of the arena and around the property.

Then I drove Dixie, and I took her out onto the road.  She HATES going out alone and when she’s out with Luke, she also hates leading.  She’s a follower.  She’s usually too slow to lead anyway.  So I had to fight with her to get her to walk down the road alone.  She decided the neighbor’s mailbox was going to eat her.  At one point I had to get out of the cart and lead her, as she backed up, spun the cart completely around and tried running back to the barn.  Hey, for a miniature, she still has power.  And while I wouldn’t want to fight like that with a full size horse, dealing with a mini that wants to be a priss isn’t easy, either.

So I got her into the field across the street and got a good little walk out of her before heading back to the barn to finish driving a little more.  Dixie is getting very very fat and I need to bump up her work load.  She’s going on the 2 -3 day a week plan, too.  Awesome.  3 horses to work 2-3 days a week.  I’m staying busy!!

Remember all those times I was whining about not having enough horse stuff to do…… I’m eating my words now.  That was back when my husband was driving Luke and all I to do was hang out with him and watch him drive and drive Dixie…. now I’ve got all 3 to work consistently.  Holy cow!!!

Anyway, so after a completely dehydrating morning at the barn, I proceed to go home with the new video camera in hand.. eagerly wanting to get the video off it and review it and post it online.

And.. what do I get for being cheap???  A terrible, terrible, terrible video.  The video was graining, flawed, pixelated, blurry, and of course, zoomed all the way out so Chewie looked like a little grainy dot.  Oh, and as he trotted along, a trail of blurry pixels follwed him, making him look like a superhero with a blast of fire behind him, only nowhere near as idyllic.

UGH!!!!  Two rides, two videos, and neither of them ended up useable! 

So, guess what I did yesterday afternoon?…. went back to Best Buy and got another new video camera.  LOL.  I did a little test of it at home, and made sure to move the camera around, panning quickly to be sure I wouldn’t get any little trails of grain following the movement.

Thankfully, the new video camera seems to be fine…. of course, it’s also twice as much as the first camera I bought.  So apparantly you need to spend $400 or more to get watchable You-Tube quality video…..

  I’ll need to do further testing to be totally sure, so I see myself doing a good hour worth of video today and making absolutely sure it’s watchable before I head back out to the barn.  My goal will be to get someone else to record though… because it really it hard to make a good video whilst self-recording.  Which means I have to try to drag the hubby to the barn. … *and* get him to record a full ride for me.

It might be a while before I get that new video. LOL.

Anyway, that’s my video gripe for the day.


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I am a lifelong equestrian, photography enthusiast, sci-fi lover, and sci-fi convention & costuming geek that also loves movies and video games. I am a hard working 30 something woman that survived cancer and am looking forward to a long, healthy, self-empowered life. Welcome to my blog and I hope you enjoy reading about my horses (and the rest of my life) as much as I like writing about them.
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