Hot, muggy, and buggy!

Well, as planned today I did not ride.  I haven’t even owned Chewbacca a full week yet and already I’m waivering from my planned 3-day a week work schedule.  Luke the hackney probably will not be driven this week (or this month), and Dixie right along with him.  In fact, I’m not totally sure that I’ll even RIDE my brand new horse again this month! (or next).

The temperatures took a turn for the worst today, with the heat index going over 100, and the temperature hitting 92. Tomorrow’s outlook is 94, Saturday is 93, and Sunday is 96.  The horses are miserable and the bugs at the barn ARE TERRIBLE.

Poor Dixie is being eaten alive by flies.  She has scabs and is losing her hair all over her face and shoulders.  She gets this “heat/bug rash” every summer, but this is by far the worst it’s been.  Or maybe it’s because I body clipped her that it’s more noticeable?  Or maybe because I body clipped her she’s getting it worse this year?  Anyway.. whatever the case, the biting flies and mosquitoes are terrible.  Thanks I am sure in part to the massive manure pile outside the barn that the barn owner’s haven’t done anything with in months.

I tell ya, I really like my boarding barn, but the last place I was at, not handling the manure was the first sign things were going down hill.  I hope it’s not the same at this place.  I’ve been there over 2 years and love it there.. but the manure pile is massive and they haven’t done anything about it and the bugs are killer.

This is a quick picture of Dixie’s scabs…

This picture doesn’t make it look quite as bad as it is.  I’ve started putting neosporin on it, and I think I’m going to plaster in petroleum jelly, too to try to keep the flies from biting her.  She might get gooey, but it may work.  I’ll have to take better pictures of her face and other shoulder, too.  It’s really bad.  Poor girl.  The flies are really bothering her, and today was about the worst it’s been, with no reprieve in sight.  I’d love to be able to put all 3 of my horses in a stall to get them out of the hot sun and bugs, but I just can’t afford stall board on 3 horses (even temporarily).

So, in an effort to keep my horses at peace today, I headed to the barn after work and hosed down all three of them.  I actually gave Chewie a true bath, complete with shampoo, because he is just filthy.  The underside of my brand new saddle pad was turning charcoal black after just one ride.  It’s like he hasn’t been bathed in years or something!

Errr… I’m not exactly sure he appreciated it.  The flies were bothering him, too.  He had a couple on his legs that were just riding along on his fetlocks while I walked him over the washrack.  Oh, at least he’s doing better on the rocks, now, too.  If you look at him like a hawk you may see him take one ouchy step if he hits a rock just right, but otherwise, he’s doing 100% better.


He then decided that the wash rack tasted good for some reason..

Not really quite sure what was on there that he liked, but something kept him interested for a few minutes, lol!

I finished rinsing him off and then we headed in to the barn for a weight-building, vitamin-giving treat (hold the molasses)…

….. which he proceeded to spill ALL OVER THE FLOOR.  But, he ate up every last bit.  I guess after he spilled it he decided that it actually tasted pretty good and he shouldn’t waste it!

LOL.  So for now, I am looking for my riding lesson on him on Saturday (in the indoor arena).. the bugs are bad at the show barn, too… unless they’re not too bad, then I’ll ride outside.  But this may be the last time I actually ride Chewie this month in all honesty.

I really thought about taking him to a small, laid back, casual show next weekend, with Luke, too, so he could be driven in a show again, but with the weather the way it is, I don’t think that’s going to happen.  Just to haul both horses, the meadowbrook cart, two cars, all the show gear, get trussed up in show clothes, just to compete in 2 classes at an Open show 45 minutes away really doesn’t hold much appeal in this weather.  Luke hasn’t been driven in almost a week, and  I don’t think he’ll be driven again at all next week, and I’m probably not going to do much riding if the weather stays the way it is… maybe I’ll play with some ground work or something with Chewie just for fun.

Luke and Dixie could use a bit of a refresher on their tricks, too.. which I haven’t done in 2 weeks or so with them.

Ok, well, have a good one!


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I am a lifelong equestrian, photography enthusiast, sci-fi lover, and sci-fi convention & costuming geek that also loves movies and video games. I am a hard working 30 something woman that survived cancer and am looking forward to a long, healthy, self-empowered life. Welcome to my blog and I hope you enjoy reading about my horses (and the rest of my life) as much as I like writing about them.
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