If you’re selling something…………

Yes, I’ve blown through too much of my savins to ever afford a horse at this point, unless it was free.

While I did run across an ad for a free draft cross mare with major fear issues and complete training needs (and considered going to get her for about .0000019 seconds), today I want to talk just a little about how ridiculous some horse sellers really are.

PEOPLE… If you are selling a horse and someone offers you money for that horse… why would you not sell????  It doesn’t make sense to me… or more to the point, why would you ask an outrageous amount and then be appalled when someone offers the horse’s true value to you.

The other I came across a post about a person who went to look at what supposed to be a green broke, started over fences 8 year old TB that was for sale for $8,000.  Ok. That sounds fair if it’s been well started and is green to jumping and hasn’t been proven in the showring at all.  So this person posted about how she went to see the horse and came to the barn to find the horse totally tacked up ready to go- when she pulled the saddle off, the horse was thin, unmuscled and underweight and the people were just what?  Hoping she didn’t notice by keeping the horse tacked up?  So she continues to write her experiences about the horse once she tried to ride it.  And I use tried very truely… as she wrote, the horse barely knew how to trot when asked and could not canter at all.. he was off balance, swapping leads, and running with his head high.. total proof of a young racehorse that has no idea how to work in an arena.  And then this poster continues on to find out that the horse had been made to trot over low crossrails the day before she rode him.

Now, this particular poster was actually still interested in the horse, but offered a fair- total training project sum of $1000 for the $8000 horse and the sellers were horrified at the amount.  This poster was battling with her conscious trying to decide if she was rude to offer this little or not. 

Personally, I think she shouldn’t have bothered to offer the money at that point, seeing as how the people selling the horse clearly were to dumb to price it fairly in the first place.

I talked to a woman months ago with a paint horse that I was mildly interested in going to see, even though he was about 3 hours from me in another state.  This 7 year old very pretty black and white paint horse had done some basic western pleasure training when it was 4 and then did some trail rides and 5 and 6 and then hasn’t been ridden since last summer at all.  Now, given all that, it still didn’t sound like a total loss.  It did sounds like a nice, mild mannered gelding with a lot of good qualities, and possible good training work in it’s past.  She wanted $2500 for the horse, which I told her back in Apr/May was way too much for the horse at this point in its life.  I told her if she’d consider a more realistic $1500 OR LESS depending on any issues upon actual inspection of the horse, then I would go see it.  She said no way no how that she knew beyond a doubt the horse was worth $2500 and someone would pay it.  That was months ago… the horse now?  Still for sale.. and now she’s dropped the price to $2000.  Still too much.  And he’s still not been ridden.

Honestly, if the horse was decently quiet and sound, I would have probably bought him for $1200-$1500, and she had my offer, but instead she declined to accept the idea of it, and now has increased her costs by keeping the horse for extra months, decreasing her chance to sell it because it’s still not being worked, and still refuses to lower the price to the right range.  Ridiculous.

Are people really that stupid???  I’m sorry, but If I had a low-end unused horse for sale for $2500 and someone offered me half for it, I’d take it and be glad I sold the horse.  Even my big wonderful lovely jumper thoroughbred that I paid $4000 for, I sold for $2000 when I had him listed for $5000, and I was glad (at the time) that I sold him.  He was a difficult horse to deal with… of course now I regret selling him because now I know so much more about ground basics and things I could have done to make him quieter and more sensible… ah well…

And , remember the guy with the 50-60 head of draft cross geldings for camps and things?  I talked to him and was about to arrange something to go see all of those horses around the end of August when I started asking too many questions… I asked if he knew someone to haul the horse the very long distance between there and my home, and I asked if he had any objections to getting a vet check done on a horse I like…

He told me since I’m only looking to spend about $1500 on a horse that my money is better spent elsewhere. 

WTF? Excuse me?  Did he just tell me he didn’t want my money because I wanted to vet check a horse for soundness?? 

Ok… fine dude… you’ll get your way.  I’ll spend my money elsewhere. 

In other news: Today I drop off my photograph entries for the county fair. I’m only entering 5 in this fair. Next week I drop off 20 for another fair.  I can’t wait to see them hanging on the wall at the fair.. and hopefully with a ribbon too (blue ribbon only please).

Rreminds me of a great bumper sticker I saw at a tack store –


Awesome 🙂

I look forward to meeting the Clydesdale on Sunday, too and hopefully I can get a little extra riding time in with him.  I also have a lesson on Sunday, and I’m going to make every effort to drive the miniature horse this weekend too, since she hasn’t been driven in almost 4 weeks.

OH!  And the hackney pony had an abcess which I didn’t notice until it ruptured out from the bottom of his foot.  I’m sure it has to do with all the rocks in the driveway and arena.. he probably started with a bruise, but I never saw one when I clean his feet and the farrier didn’t see anything when he was trimmed, either.  Must have happened after the trim, when he was tender from being trimmed, I guess.  Now he’s got a hole through his frog in to his hoof and I’m just being paranoid about where the abcess tract went to so I have a call in to the vet to get him to come out.


More horses than I can handle I think.  Funny how the second I STOP LOOKING FOR ONE, I end up with my hands full of them!  Got to drive the mini, heal the lame pony, work the Clydesdale, take riding lessons!  LOL.

Still working on getting trick video #2 onto my YouTube page… I’m debating if I should do that tonight, or go to the racetrack in the rain and spend more money betting on horses 🙂  Last time I went, I took $20 to blow on bets, and I came home with $83… LOL!  At least I know something about horses.
Honestly… I just pick the ones with the names I like 🙂


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I am a lifelong equestrian, photography enthusiast, sci-fi lover, and sci-fi convention & costuming geek that also loves movies and video games. I am a hard working 30 something woman that survived cancer and am looking forward to a long, healthy, self-empowered life. Welcome to my blog and I hope you enjoy reading about my horses (and the rest of my life) as much as I like writing about them.
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