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So, last night I went back to the A barn where I ride and took a lesson.  No, scratch that… I signed up for a package and spent quite a bit of my “horse funds” on a lesson package so I can get more riding and jumping time in.  Last night was the first of many lessons I’ll be taking over the next few weeks in an effort to get myself on a program once again and ride consistently.  I need to ride.  So I realize by spending my savings on “pointless” lessons, I’ll not be able to own a horse.  That’s Ok. 

I say the lessons are “pointless” because riding a school horse once or twice a week is no where near as rewarding as having your own horse and having the freedom of being able to show… or just take a trail ride now and then.  I cannot do those things with the lesson horses, and they’re not at my barn with the ponies, so it’s not the same.  But still, I can’t take not riding at all.

I rode the horse I “hate” last night.  Like I’ve said before… I’ve gotten a lot better on him, but the horse has been getting better and better too.  They’re using him for summer camp now for the kids and he’s generally being very pleasant.  He really doesn’t flex left at all, and he’s not pretty to look at either.  I remember my first several rides on him where he would balk and go back sideways and up and fight with his head and drag me around and I couldn’t turn him left worth a damn.

Now, I’ve gotten about maybe 8 rides on him in the last year or year and half or so, and now I’m jumping full courses of small fences on him.  With him, I’m perfectly happy going over crossrails and small verticles.  With one of the other horses I ride there, I really want to go up to 3′ or so with him, but I usually only get to ride him at about 2’6″ – 2’9″.  He’s a great horse and a wonderful school horse and he works hard and only the girl leasing him gets to jump at that height. Bummer.    Anyway, I’d like to try to get my hubby to come out and take pictures of me riding in a lesson… especially on the horse I hate. LOL 🙂

Ok, ok, I don’t hate him, and he is getting better.. but he’s just not my favorite.  He’s my least favorite.

In other horse news I am going to see that Clydesdale after all. I  had a long coversation with his owner yesterday and after a long conversation with her, I think the horse’s ringbone is not the issue.  It sounds like she’s a very timid rider and the horse is taking advantage of her.  I’ve had horses like that where other people could ride them better than me, and this woman says he never acts like that when other people ride him.  So, I figure it’s worth a look. I could do a 2-day a week free shareboard on the horse.  Now the owner has ruptured her achilles tendon and is going to be laid up indefinitely, so she really wants someone to come ride the horse for her.  I told her I cannot promise her anything, but at least I can come out and see if I can ride him (WESTERN! LOL!) … I’ll definitely have to have my husband come out and take a picture of that…

The other lady looking for someone to ride her horse in hunter shows this year… well, it’s a 14.1 pony STALLION that I’ve seen in action before – the thing is a monster and the whole barn he lives at is full of train wreck horses and teachers and students.  The woman who runs the place is crazy – a total nut job with lousy mannered horses that have no training on them… just because they *can* jump around doesn’t mean they are trained in any way … running around zig zagging with a head up in the air and flying over jumps is not jumping.  No wonder she does eventing – she would never make it in the hunter ring.  And she does not require her students OF ANY AGE to wear helmets — even while jumping.    She told my instructor while we were there looking at a complete train wreck monstrostity of a horse that she doesn’t believe in helmets.  She had 9 year old kids out there jumping …err.. if you could call it jumping… with no helmets.  Hell, I’m 31 and I ALWAYS WEAR A HELMET.  You can bet your friggin ass that my kids would be wearing a helmet NO MATTER WHAT.  Even if they’re just ground handling a horse, it’s OK to wear a helmet then too.  My husband who drives has a helmet although he doesn’t wear it now he wore it every single time when he was first learning to drive.

Ugh. Anyway, so this stallion comes out and the owner puffed up her chest and smiled and said to me “look at my good stallion!” as I was leaving the arena after getting off this horrible, horrible horse I tested.  I smiled and nodded and took a gander at the un-impressive pony STALLION being led in by a 10 year old kid. … yes.. a STALLLION with a young young girl leading him in and preparing to ride.  THANK GOD SHE HAD A HELMET ON.. because no sooner did I get out of the arena when this horrible monster stallion started rearing – with the kid on him no less.  She couldn’t control the horse and he was almost to the point of flipping over when his overly proud owner came in with a whip in hand and started beating the pony relentlessly….. WITH THE KID STILL ON HIM.  He flipped out and starting bucking and throwing a shit fit while this kid clung to him.

Apparantly me and my trainer were the ONLY ONES in this VERY BUSY barn that thought this whole situation from start to finish was obscene.  The barn is filled with low-quality HIGH PRICED horses based solely on their color.  There’s a half dozen foals in the barn from colored thoroughbred lines and it seems the only thing making these horses “worth” $15,000-$25,000 is the fact that they’re overly expressed Sabino Thoroughbreds or Palomino thoroughbreds.

Among the menagerie of animals and riders, this  rearing pony stallion  fit right in.  It was awful and you couldn’t pay me enough to ride that piece of shit.  No friggin way.

Luke wil be seeing the vet next week for his lameness and until then he’s on vacation.  I’ll pop out to see him tonight, but we went out on Tuesday and did some video taping of him doing tricks.  He did not want to do Spanish walk, but he did his bow like a pro and stood on the makeshift pedestal we’ve got at the barn.  Dixie went up on it with all 4, but right now, we’re working with Luke with just trying to get 2 feet on it.  I’ll be popping a new YouTube Video up of them both… the only trick video I have show’s Luke’s progression about learning Sp. walk and bow and nothing of Dixie.  They’ve both learned their tricks really well and it’s time I get a video up.

That’s about all the horse related news in my life. My savings is pretty well blown, so there’s no hope of my buying a horse at all this year, but I hope to get some riding in here and there all the same between lessons and possible shareboarding.

Have a great day and have a visit to my photography blog as well!


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I am a lifelong equestrian, photography enthusiast, sci-fi lover, and sci-fi convention & costuming geek that also loves movies and video games. I am a hard working 30 something woman that survived cancer and am looking forward to a long, healthy, self-empowered life. Welcome to my blog and I hope you enjoy reading about my horses (and the rest of my life) as much as I like writing about them.
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