Predators: movie in review

So last night I did get to get out and see Predators.  Now, as I was going in to seeing Predators with the thoughts of the last 2 movies in mind (AVP and AVP:Requiem), I was not expecting Predators to be much more than just a popcorn flick and decently fun movie.  I did have some reservations about it, but it did look very good from the previews.

So… (no spoilers)

The movie starts off by quite literally dropping you right into action.  There are several minutes of character set up, which is very well done, kind of humorous and paced well.  After the characters all come together, they begin to figure out why they are, but they don’t know where they are.  All I can say is when they finally see where they really are- FRIGGING WOW!  Spectacular scene.

So then, a little chain of events goes by and there is a very interesting scene involving another alien creature.  (Well, several).  Really cool scene, really neat creature effects, and again, a great pace to keep you interested, entertained, and a little edgy about what’s happening.

And then…dah..dah.dahh… the first scene where you actually see a Predator is just MIND BLOWING.  You’re looking at this scene with a TON of questions and suddenly you are really drawn in because you really want to know exactly how and why this Predator is where he is.  FRIGGING AWESOME SCENE.

And from there, things take a new pace and there’s a ton of action, a very cool entry scene by Lawrence Fishburne’s mentally gone character, and a whole lot of suspense.  There’s a twist with one character that you are left wondering about the whole movie until he reveals his true self towards the end that you just never see coming… there are AMAZING creature effects, SPECTACULAR visuals, and really a very well mixed medley of actors.  Say what you want – Adrien Brody did a great job as a Merc.

Predators has some of the absolute BEST FIGHTING SCENES OF ANY PREDATOR MOVIE EVER. PERIOD.  There are 2 scenes of major fighting that are utterly awesome and again, the word spectacle comes to mind.

AND, there’s more – because not only is the movie in it’s own way original, taking a different spin on things, and adding some very interesting culture points for the hard core nutjobs like me that like to ponder every Predator aspect, BUT the movie ALSO is an EXCELLENT throwback right back to the original Predator.

There are some scenes in Predators that are directly out of Predator – several…and they used the original musical scores, too.  Which, is great.  Some may say it means Rodriguez wasn’t creative enough to come up with his own ideas, but really – Predator was a great movie and it had an awesome soundtrack. It had a few great scenes and few great lines, and in Predators, you get to see some more of those same things.  It is so well done that it’s a wonderful new experience for people who never saw Predator (or who don’t have it memorized like me), and it’s a real treat for those of us that love Predator and never got to see it on the big screen.

So, all in all, from the viewpoint of an absolute Predator fanatic — Predators is: SPECTACLE, SUSPENSE, ACTION, ENTERTAINMENT, and downright flipping AWESOME.

This was by far and away the absolute best of the Predator franchise, and I am so glad I got to see it and got to see a spark of new hope for my beloved aliens… The alien franchise has been killed.  Predator was really hanging on by a thread, and now new life has been breathed in to that franchise and I can’t wait to see the next one.

This move was nearly equally as awesome as the new STAR TREK, which was another rebreathing and spectacle to behold.

I personally rate Predators 5 out of 5.  I found very little wrong with it.  Everything made sense, there were no plot holes, nothing so outrageous or lame that it was dumb, and it really did give a new form of life to a franchise that was really struggling.  I really hope to see Predators #1 after the weekend box office list comes out.


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