The rollercoaster of life…

I had a little bit of a to-do with the 18 year old kid that owns the horse I was supposed to be leasing.  Turns out she decided she wanted her friends to ride the horse while I was leasing him because she just couldn’t trust me with the proper care and handling of her horse.  I pretty much figured that out on my own the day she told me how she wanted the lease to work, and I told her no, and she got mad.  But today’s little fiasco elaborated on that in ways that really pissed me off.

The girl has a friend that’s around 17/18 that boards with her other friend and mother at a barn where I used to board.  This friend completely bashed me to the owner of this lease horse and told her I was no good and a terrible person.   Apparently after I’d been riding her horse for 3 weeks,  that’s when the girl decided her friends needed to check up on the horse, but she didn’t tell me this until two weeks later.  Today she said she just wasn’t as desperate to lease the horse to me as she thought she was, and now has someone else leasing him.

I’m fine with the lease not going forward, really.  But what made me most mad is that this kid is judging me based on the words of some other kid and then didn’t feel comfortable leasing me the horse without her other friends checking up on him and riding him to make sure he gets the right riding.  It got a little more involved than all that, and I won’t bother to rehash it all today – I’ve already been red with rage today over all this.  I do not appreciate being bashed by a kid from a barn where my horses weren’t getting the right care.

I left that barn because the hay was moldy, I was cleaning the water troughs or they never got cleaned, and when the barn owner decided the pasture horses weren’t worth hay anymore, she put my husband’s hackney pony out ON GRASS when he’d not been out on grass in the year we had him at the place.

When I questioned the barn owner, both she and her daughter started cursing at me, calling me everything in the book from bitch to cunt, and told me I was a demanding overbearing boarder.  Needless to say, the following day, I left the barn.  I spent 2 years boarding there, listening to the lazy woman that ran the place crying to me about the other boarders that pissed her off, and how her life just wasn’t right.  I had to hug her and hold her when her horse died suddenly and listen to her cry in my arms about how she misses her old life, and all I asked for in return (or PAID FOR), was hay that wasn’t moldy and clean water for my horses, and that was too much.  I was paying for the most minimum basic care, and not even receiving that, and suddenly today I find out that I’m the “barn bitch” and everyone had their fair share of nasty things to say about me.  Funny thing is… I NEVER ONCE BASHED THAT BARN OR ANY BOARDER THERE.  NEVER. Not once, not even after I left there on such lousy terms, with my buckskin looking thin and dying because his water was filthy and he wasn’t drinking or eating moldy hay.

Here’s the proof…

On the left is before I pulled out of the barn.  Maybe this doesn’t show it very well just because it’s not the best shot, but his ribs were really very visible, he had no tone to his body, his croup and flanks were sunken in, he looked like a train wreck.  They told me he should be seen by a vet if I was that concerned about it  – in between the cursing and name calling on my last night there.  This buckskin was the MOST seen-by-vet horse on the PLANET.  He had a TEAM of NINE vets looking at him regularly for maintenance of his feet.  He was getting joint injections, xrays twice a year, and a whole slew of other treatments.  He didn’t need a vet.  He needed clean, drinkable water, and good hay.

On the right is the horse after ONE MONTH at the new barn. (No grass in his normal paddock).Just good hay and clean water and good care, and he’s fat, dapply and wonderful looking – and he stayed that way for the next 1 1/2 years until he was put down due to chronic lameness.   I never had a problem at the new barn with his care, and I hope, no one at the new barn thinks all these bad evil things about me.  But they probably due.  As my husband says, I just rub people the wrong way.  I think it’s because I’m brutally honest and very defensive.  I don’t like people sticking their nose into my business and if they make their business mine, I tell them what I really think – not what they want to hear.  No one ever coddled me and kissed my ass, and I do not believe in doing that to others.

It’s the nature of the horse world, I know. People love to barn bash and boarder bash. It’s the big fun thing to do.  All I ever cared about was the best for my horses.  Even when I was having such severe issues with Spyder.  I thought I did something wrong to that horse – caused her pain somehow.  I had the same 9 vets that were taking care of the buckskin come look at her.  She was xrayed all over the place, had all kinds of treatments and I had trainers come.  I took to her another state to be seen by an even better vet.  For over 2 years I never gave up on the horse that was literally trying to kill me – truly attacking me and trying to truly hurt me. I really felt like I did something wrong and that I had caused this issue I was having with her.  It wasn’t until I took her to my hunter trainer that I realized the horse was perfectly fine, she was just being a nasty bitch to me.  That’s when I let my trainer have her.  That was over 3 years ago, and I’ve spent the last several years trying hard to get over these horse problems and put them behind me, realize it wasn’t me, and move on and FINALLY I’ve decided maybe that I can get another horse.

And then I have a little 18 yr old kid tell me she doesn’t trust me and thinks I ‘ll create problems with her horse when she comes back from college.  Unbelievable.  And I find that the barn that couldn’t be bothered to take good care of my horses was bashing me – boarders I barely knew- were criticizing me and according to this kid making it out to be that I was not a good horse person or person in general.

I’m no world class rider.  I’m not a horse whisperer, but I try my best with my horses and I just want to have and enjoy a horse.  I don’t own expensive fancy hunters, and while Luke is a fancy pony, he wasn’t expensive.  He’s a reflection of the time and training I put into him, teaching my husband how to drive him properly.  Never in my life did I have such bad issues with horses until I got Tate and then even more so, Spyder.  And it really really made me very angry to find out the real reasons this kid decided not to lease me her horse – she never told me any of this, just that she wanted her friends to come ride the horse while I was leasing him. Grrrrrrr…..

Anyway… I’m still looking for a nice, quiet, confidence boosting gelding.  LOL.  The search goes on.

In other news, I took a riding lesson today on the horse I “hate” (the school horse I get along with the least- he scares me).. and it was great!  The horse was quiet, didn’t act up and start going backwards sideways and up rather than forward, didn’t scare the life out of me, and just jumped around perfectly for me.  He does not swap leads, so I had some troubles getting simple changes between lines, but all in all, this was definitely the best lesson I’ve had on that horse.  The trainer kept the fences very small for me, only 2’, and it gave me the chance to work on other things.  I’ve slowly been improving on this horse.  The first several times I rode him, I could barely get through a flat lesson with him and I refused flat out to jump him.  I can barely believe I am jumping small courses on him now.  Little by little, I’m improving.  I still don’t like him, but I will look forward to riding him again in another lesson.


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I am a lifelong equestrian, photography enthusiast, sci-fi lover, and sci-fi convention & costuming geek that also loves movies and video games. I am a hard working 30 something woman that survived cancer and am looking forward to a long, healthy, self-empowered life. Welcome to my blog and I hope you enjoy reading about my horses (and the rest of my life) as much as I like writing about them.
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