I looked at a Paint today…

Anytime I say I’m not going to look for a horse again, please ignore that.  It clearly means the exact opposite, and who am I kidding.  While it might be a frustrating thing, trying to find a GOOD horse that you can enjoy and have it be in your budget to actually buy… I cannot live my life without a horse to ride for my own.  I just can’t.

So, I went to look at a paint horse today. I liked him a lot.  He’s 15.2, a little small, but a good solid frame and big body so I fit him nicely.  He has a very long back.  He’s a red dun frame overo with a blue eye.  LOTS OF COLOR and a very nice, quiet, easy minded gelding that has had some serious show training in his younger years and competed on the breed circuit.  He’s 12 now, so he’s a great age.  His owner is really attached to him and is finding it hard to sell the horse, but I am interested in taking this one to the next level.

As far I gathered, the horse has not been ridden in close to or over one year- not consistently.  He’s had some trail rides here and there and the last time he was ridden supposedly was a month ago.  He was a very good boy and I think he could work for my needs.  I had no where to ride him besides a patch of grass next to the drive way.  I lunged him and rode him at the walk/trot/canter both directions.  Boy was he HARD to get to canter, but once I got him into it, he lasted as far as he could before we ran out of room in the 15 foot area I was trying to keep him in.

Overall, I very much liked the horse.  He’s  a decent size, I would love it if he was 2 inches bigger, though.  He moves fine to me.. not a fancy hunter, but he moves like a quarter horse.  He’s well muscled and is easy on the eyes.  He was quiet and sane and rode fine.  He does everything I was hoping to find a horse that will do.  So he definitely qualifies.

Of course, no horse is perfect and I have my concerns…..  firstly being, he’s about $500 more than I really want to spend and I doubt his owner, who barely wants to sell him, will negotiate THAT low.  The owner also was not too fond of sending him to a week trial because he doesn’t want the horse to go away.  I can’t buy him without trying him in a place that actually has area to ride in.    The other concerns I have is that he is Impressive bred… and that today he was lame on the right front because of a stone bruise clearly visible on his heel bulb.  I want to take a look at him next week again and see if he’s sounder.  He was sound on the grass today, but the gravel driveway really bugged him.  Of course, with a horse like this – big body and feet that could be bigger, I always worry about navicular, so I think I would get a few Xrays of his footsies if I were to get him on the trail.

But, yes, ultimately, I like the horse and I could see him working for me.  I just want a horse I can trust and enjoy and feel comfortable on.  This one hits all those points.  Of course, I want something pretty – and different.  And, with his loud color, blue eye, and dorsal stripe, he qualifies.

I rode him for about 20 minutes.  It was enough to see that he wasn’t going to kill me and is every bit as nice as his owner made him out to be.  Now I need to know more, and I need to put him in an arena and take some lessons on him.  I don’t think my saddle quite fit him, so I may have to get a new saddle.  NOT GOOD, because I LOVE my saddle….  although it does give me an excuse to buy an Henri De Rivel saddle that I’ve been wanting for… oh… about 8 years.  LOL.  He’s got a wide back, and my saddle is meant for narrower backs and higher withers.  This horse has NO WITHERS and I could barely keep the saddle straight enough!  LOL.  His back isn’t THAT wide, but the withers… made the saddle not fit quite right.

I have a video, going to show it to my trainer, and go from there.  In the mean time, of course, I’m also looking for other horses.  I’ve got someone with a 10 year old thoroughbred gelding that sounds like he’s worth a look, too.  And he’s cheaper.  She just doesn’t have time to ride him.  Same reason this paint is for sale, too.  No time, no time, no time.

We’ll see what happens, but I will NOT be getting my hopes up.  Right as of now, it does not sound like this guy really wants to sell his horse or send it on trial, either.  He may choose just to move the horse closer to his home and keep him.  If he does, I’ll be back a’lookin’ !!!!

Have a great day and remember to visit my YouTube site and Photography Blog listed to the right!!!

Editing to add some pictures of the horse I found online from the owner…  These are a few years old, but he’s still pretty much the same.

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I am a lifelong equestrian, photography enthusiast, sci-fi lover, and sci-fi convention & costuming geek that also loves movies and video games. I am a hard working and life-loving 40- something woman that survived cancer and am looking forward to a long, healthy, self-empowered life. Welcome to my blog and I hope you enjoy reading about my horses (and the rest of my life) as much as I like writing about them.
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