My lease may be gone out the window

Well, after a long conversation with the lease horse’s owner on Sunday and a continuation of it on Monday, I hadn’t heard a word from her, so I got back on her case today to see what’s gonig on.  She said she needs more time to think about it, because she wanted her friends to continue riding the horse while I’m leasing him for her own peace of mind and to keep the horse bombproof.

She feels if the horse isn’t worked in his drill routine he will become a spooky thoroughbred like he was when she first got him.  I doubt that will happen, and my own riding program would give the horse plenty of variety, from riding in different arenas, hauling, showing, trail riding, ground work, and possibly driving training too (although not too sure on the last one). I usually never have a problem with horses being spooky after I get them for a while.

Mostly, she’s afraid to send her horse to live with a total stranger for years and years and she is distrusting of anything that might be done with the horse.  If she isn’t doing it herself, then it’s not right.  She’s already shown that she has a problem with my desire to use my own farrier, who’s been taking great care of my horses’ feet for the last 5 years, and through 4 horses.  She wants to make sure I do this and that and don’t do this or that, and keep tabs on the whole situation while she’s in Alaska.

She’s young, not fully prepared to understand what it means to lease her horse out, and this road bump has turned into a disagreement I think we cannot get past.  I told her she needs to just lease the horse out to one of her friends whom she’s obviously more comfortable with than sending him to someone else’s home and care all together.

I know deep down, she’s stuck.  She’s already said most of her friends can’t take him because in a year or so, they’ll all be heading off for college too.  She doesn’t want to sell him, and turned down several people for leasing him because they were too far away and she couldn’t keep tabs on him.  I was close by (only 10 minutes from her home), I get along with the horse, and I was willing to take him into my care until she comes back and give him back to her.  I’m just not willing to let her friends come rodeo him and haul him to drill practice.  And because of that one little problem, this whole lease is going out the window.

Honestly, I’m not sure I even want to get involved in the lease.  I would have to adhere to a lot of stipulations, she’s even going so far as to have a lawyer look over the lease agreement, which is just absurd, in my opinion.  There’s so many if’s and this girl is young, crazy about her horse, and so paranoid to be away from him.  I’m sure she’ll end up leasing him to her friends, or else, she’ll be stuck selling him outright which she didn’t want to do, and he’d end up NOT being used for drill anyway more than likely.  She’s just not able to understand the bigger picture and realize that a full lease is a full lease, not a full lease with other people coming to use the horse.

I’m looking around for another horse, but like I said yesterday; I’ve had so many bad experiences and I’ve been so mentally screwed up by those experiences that I just don’t trust myself with just any random new horse.  I simply cannot afford to buy the quality of horse that I can actually ride (which in this area is at least $5,000 for a basic quiet, broke gelding).  I can afford a project horse, but then I run the risk of messing it up and having seriuos issues like I did with Spyder and I can’t handle going down that road again, so I honestly think I am almost leaning towards not owning another one…. which is something I said back in Nov/Dec last year that I was going to do.

I still look, but like I posted yesterday about a couple horses in my price range, they are just so green or have issues, that I’m just too leery to get myself involved in that.  I felt comfortable on the big white horse – and he was fully trained.  I didn’t have to worry about him getting pissed off with me if I tried to teach him head carriage or asked him to canter.  He knew how to do those things and knew his job very very well.  My trainer had a concern about his weak hind end holding up for jumping, but she said with rigorus jumping – like 3 days a week he would not hold up, but once a week, he should be fine.  So basically, he’d be totally fine at my level for me, and I liked the horse.

Say I were to get, just for example… that black and white draft cross I talked about yesterday. I spoke to the owner last night about him.  He was broke out as a 3 year old (he’s 5 now), and all he’s done since then is WALKING TRAIL RIDES (and only 4 of them).  So, in 2 years, he’s been ridden 4 times at the walk.  Basically, he’s not even broke, and I’d have a total greenie to completely start over.  That sounds like a bad situation right from the start.  I’m afraid the horse would get aggressive towards me, because I would start with basic ground work, then groun driving, and move up from there.  It would probably be 30-60 days or more before I even GET ON HIM.  So, I’d use my whole summer working some 5 year old that hasn’t a clue, and then what?  He’ll get ticked off and decide enough is enough and charge at me and try to kill me like Spyder did?  Ears pinned, teeth bared?

Anyway, I’m just too afraid to ruin another horse that “needs work”.  I am looking for horses, and may go physically look at a few rather than just reading ads, but I seriously doubt I’ll get one.

I was shocked to see the flea bitten gray QH that I posted about a few months ago re-listed for sale.  The owner of him was a complete ass to me, and probably the horse is an unridden idiot anyway.  So who cares.  I just talked to a lady today with a 10 yr old red roan QH for sale.  He sounds like he needs some work but doesn’t sound like he’s out of the realm of possibility.  My trainer knows how much I like the white thoroughbred, and after a conversation with her today, she said I should give the horse’s owner some time to maybe come around and change her mind.  I think I’ve been through enough with bad situations to know better than to force something to work when it’s not meant to.  If it starts off with problems, odds are good it’ll end up with problems, too.  Last thing I need is to force something to work and then have issues with the horse or end the lease.  That would be too much.

And SPEAKING OF TOO MUCH… as I posted the other day, my husband’s cancerous growth may have returned.  We received final confirmation today that the 3 doctors involved with this issue all agree that it is the tumor returned.  They are calling it a highly aggressive, fast growing, malignant cancer called Sarcoma.  Due to the location of the tumor, at the base of the thin bone that supports the brain, this is a major major problem.  We go to the doctor’s tomorrow to meet with him and discuss the plan, and they already have a biopsy scheduled for next week on Wednesday.  This cancer, left untreated, will kill my husband.  However, my concern is since he spent the last 7 months of 2009 dealing with surgeries and radiation to combat this and it still grew back in 4 months – what happens after it gets removed again and it grows back?

This is very very bad, and my husband is very stressed and scared.  Right now, I’m just at a loss and don’t even know what to think.  Is he going to survive this?  Will he be OK during the biopsy next week?  Due to the location of this tumor, it is an extremely delicate surgery.  When the tumor gets removed, is it going to be as major of a surgery as the last one?  The last one took 7 1/2 hours and a neurosurgeon and brain surgeon.  It took him about 2 months to recover, and the first week was horrible.  He was in surgical ICU for 5 days after wards, and his eye was so swollen I thought it was going to pop out of his head.  I hated seeing him like that and I’m scared to death for him to go through this all again.

What to do? What to do?………………


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I am a lifelong equestrian, photography enthusiast, sci-fi lover, and sci-fi convention & costuming geek that also loves movies and video games. I am a hard working 30 something woman that survived cancer and am looking forward to a long, healthy, self-empowered life. Welcome to my blog and I hope you enjoy reading about my horses (and the rest of my life) as much as I like writing about them.
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