Now I just can’t wait…

My horse search didn’t really last that long.  I only started looking in February or March.  It’s May now and I’ve found what I believe to be Mr. Ideal. 

I still haven’t exactly been on him, but I expect he will live up to and surpass my expectations of what he’ll ride like.  That is to say that as long as he doesn’t act like an idiot and go bucking away, I’ll be pleased.  I’m already expecting him to ride with his head high – with the western tie down that’s just how he goes.  If he happens to drop his head and go softly on the bit, more power to him, but if he doesn’t I know I can work on that no problem.

The owner commented to me about his mane, she said she doesn’t want his mane cut becuase it’s long and she likes it.  She said she doesn’t like how his neck looks with a short mane.  I think that’s because his neck is rather unmuscled.  Just like how my buckskin, who went in a tie down with his head up, looked.  The top line just doesn’t muscle up with their head so high, and so since they’re neck looks scrawny and weak, a short mane shows that off, while a long mane hides it. 

Silly thing, really, since the horse will be mine for 4 years, I’ll be taking care of the mane and shortening it.  But I think when the owner sees him nicely muscled up with a show horse mane she’ll be happy.

I’m already considering the tiny factors about having a horse again – I’m so excited about this.  I’m already thinking up a show name for him, working on coming up with a halter, lead, saddle pad, and more in my color theme for him.  The color will be neon green/yellow.  What is that color? Chartreuse I think? Anyway, I already have polos in that color, so I’m working on the rest of it.  I’m already thinking about his mane and muscling and the first horse show… which I can hopefully do in Aug/Sept.  There’s PLENTY of shows still in those months and over the winter there’s indoor shows which if I want to get a membership to the right circuit, I could go do those- flat classes of course.

I expect to jump this horse once a week in lessons, but I wouldn’t expect that to culumlate to a horse-show ready point until next year. I want to get plenty of jumping time under my belt on him and be well ready to do 2′ or 2’3″ classes next year.

I attend horse shows from time to time (usually as a spectator) and at most of the open shows, the people showing in hunter over fences are scary- really scary.  Quick horses running down their lines weaving sideways like they have no clue and riders who just sit there and flop. It’s kind of sad…. kind of along the same lines as the western riders who can’t get their horses to trot a circle for showmanship patterns.  How hard is a circle????? 

Put a rider in there with some experience and they do really well.  One of the recent open shows I went to, the hunter hack class was downright awful.  Most of the kids there (and the horses) looked like they never jumped before at all.  Then one little girl (and pony) came in there that clearly had experience – proper clothes, well groomed, good turnout, braids, and they jumped pretty well.  Of course they won.

I’m not exactly looking forward to going into an open show against kids that can’t ride, so I may just join up with the circuit right off and compete in those flat classes.  I don’t think that circuit offers adult divisions of long stirrup or hunter hack, so I wouldn’t be able to jump until I really learn to get around a course with this horse.  Hopefully that will go well and hopefully next year I can do a couple shows.

I know it sounds hard care, all this talk about showing, but it’s not really…. Doing 3 or 4 or maybe 5 shows with flat classes on a Saturday or Sunday afternoon is not a big deal.  Just fun an enjoyable.  I do not plan on ever getting so competition crazy that I go to 3-4 day long shows and ride and school and show every day and have 6,7,8 classes each day.  THAT’S a lot of showing.  A far cry from what I want to do at county fairs and 1 day open shows.  LOL.

I think the new horsey can handle that.  And I’m very excited about all of this and can’t wait to ride him and finalize everything.

For now, I’ve got plans to see IronMan 2 tomorrow night and then a few things on Saturday morning/afternoon before I get to ride!  I’ll have to be sure to write up all about how that goes!!!

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