Today I feel myself very excited….

Ok, it sounded a little perveted, but I am very very excited today.  Very excited!  I’m so excited!  LOL.  Can I possibly be any more giddy ?  Did you get the point that I’m excited???? 

Before I get to the excitement of the day, I just firstly want to bitch and gripe about something.  On April 3, I attended a tack sale and I purchased from a local driving lady, whom I know from past dealings,  a set of bright orange pony driving pads for my husband and Luke.  Luke’s theme color is bright, traffic cone orange.  Doesn’t every horse need a theme color??

Anyway, she said they are made by the Amish and she would order the pads and I’d have them in a week or two.   She said if they were in in time I could get them from her at the MidWest horse fair.  So.. the MidWest Horse Fair came and went and no pads. I met her there and asked her about them and she kind of had that deer in the headlight look for a minute that made me question if she even ordered them.  She simply said they hadn’t come in yet.

So, last week I called her again asking if they came in and she said they hadn’t. She said it was the Amish’s fault, that they hadn’t passed the order down the line to the people who make the pads.  She said they should be in very soon. 

 I get a call yesterday afternoon, 4 weeks from the day I ordered, that the harness pads have finally come in.  When I called her back she answered the phone and said she couldn’t speak because she was in the middle of a lesson.  SO WHY WOULD YOU ANSWER THE PHONE IF YOU CAN’T TALK???????  So in between her telling her students to post and circle, she wanted to know when I could come pick them up.  I told her I really can’t. She’s a 1/2 hour from me, which isn’t the end of the world, but I work 40 hours a week and am very very busy with getting the husband and the hackney ready for a major show next week and am having issues with lighting on the trailer for the cart, which became a mountain out a molehill so quickly.  I told her I don’t have time to spend an hour driving around to get something that was 2 weeks late anyway and asked her to mail them.  She does not want to mail them because it’s going to cost a few bucks and take up her time to package and send them.  I think that’s ridiculuous. 

 I paid $30.00 up front in full to get these and they were never ordered. They arrived 2 weeks late and I’m supposed to just jump up and go get them?  My husband, who finds faults with everything in the world around him and can’t stand any type of anything that remotely close to inconveinence to him expects her to ship them, and I have to agree.  She’s 1/2 hour north of me and nowhere that I normally drive by for any reason on any day.  So now she’s all huffy puffy and I still haven’t established if she’s going to ship these harness pads to me or not?  This is frustrating.  In my job, all day long, I get calls from people who are ticked off because you didn’t lick their shoes while providing them customer service – seriously- some of the complaints I get are so far fetched it’s unreal.  I currently have a customer who would like us to give her a written guarantee that a repair will last 38 years.  How fucking absurd  is that???? I’m sorry? WHAT??  really???  So I deal with people are really being overly demanding and unreasonable.  I don’t think asking her to spend $5.00 out of pocket to ship a couple of pads to me that were late is that unreasonable.  If the pads came in on time, I would have been available to run by and pick them up. Now I’m busy. Busy every day and every weekend and don’t have time.  If they were not late, and I couldn’t get them, I would have gladly paid to ship them.  They were 2 weeks late and I think she should make up for that somehow. I have to agree with my husband on this one.

Anywhoo…… on to why I’m excited.  Last week, I ran across an ad for a horse.  I didn’t post it here because as nice as it would be, at $5,000 he is well out of my price range.  It’s also a thoroughbred, but taking my trainer’s advice, I’m not discounting TB’s so quickly because there are nice ones out there.  It’s a grey gelding, 16.2 hands, and 13 years old Can you say absolutely perfect for what I’m looking for.

So, while pining for things I can’t have, I re-read the ad and noticed that it said SALE or LEASE. Then I looked more and noticed it was a FREE LEASE.  So I contacted the owner and I’m seeing the horse today. I’m excited, she would be glad to lease the horse locally, and I think this horse may be absolutely perfect.  As long as he’s not a hot head, spooky, insane guy, which I seriously doubt by the way he’s described, this could really really work.  He’s right in my backyard, too. 10 minutes from where I board.

He’s done trick riding, flag carrying, drill teams, and open/4H shows.  He’s done more than what I expect to do and he trail rides and swims. LOL.  This could be an amazing chance, and if it does work out, I’ll feel a little like I’ve won a contest or something.  There’s been a lot of interest on the horse, the owner said, and I believe her. This is an amazingly nice horse. She said the people who’ve been asking about leasing him for free live pretty far away so she’d be much happier sending him “next door” practically where he could be checked up on.

I’m all for that. Great by me. I’ve got no problems there.   I cannot WAIT to see this horse tonight.  I am so excited about this horse I can barely contain myself. I just want to run out right now and go see him! LOL.

Here are some of the sale pictures:

Notice the girl hanging sideways.  He’s a vaulting horse. A trick riding demo horse, a drill team horse, a trail horse, and a hunter/jumper.  He may be a thoroughbred, but that is very much “excusable” if this horse truly is half what he’s listed as.  As long as he’s not super hot and jumpy and I can agree with him, this really could work out BIG TIME for me and I’d be so thrilled with a horse to have to ride and show and jump and enjoy! 

Maybe buying him could work out in the long run, or maybe not. Who knows for sure, but for now, I just know I can’t wait to actually go see him.

I’ll keep the world apprised of what happens, lol.

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I am a lifelong equestrian, photography enthusiast, sci-fi lover, and sci-fi convention & costuming geek that also loves movies and video games. I am a hard working 30 something woman that survived cancer and am looking forward to a long, healthy, self-empowered life. Welcome to my blog and I hope you enjoy reading about my horses (and the rest of my life) as much as I like writing about them.
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