Looking back and laughing.

I’ve been thinking a little more about that little paint horse yesterday, and a the more I think about him, the more I can’t help but chuckle.  What a disaster that horse was. What a total train wreck.  It was funny, really.

The only bad thing about it was how badly misadvertised he was and how mis represented he was.  I think about the conversation I had with the woman about showing my  new horse and how she said he’d be a good show horse because he’s such a nice mover.  I just chuckle and think in what life time does that animal qualify as a good mover and a nice show prospect?  LOL.  It was just funny. 

My trainer did bring up a good point, though.  I’m used to riding hunters and dressage horses and pretty much either ride horses that already know how or work to get horses that I ride (or drive) to go in a frame, and engage properly, and work properly for their discipline.  That’s my expectation.  I expect a horse to quietly work at the job it’s given and either know to go properly, or show some ability/desire to learn to go properly for it’s job. 

Whether that means  a long and low WP horse, a level headed hunter, a collected and elevated dressage horse, or a brilliantly moving driving pony – I’ve ridden/driven them all and trained (or learned) all types to go properly for their job. This paint horse really showed very little desire to want to learn.  He tried I guess and I guess that’s good enough, but I don’t know how anyone (especially a “trainer” could define that trainwreck as a show horse at all).  Maybe worst conformation class, or highest head set class. LOL.  Oh well, I shouldn’t bash the horse too much, it was just a comical experience. 

I do enjoy horse shopping, though, because you really do see all types whilst out parusing horses.  All types.  Out of the 3 I’ve personally gone to see so far, I like the black horse the best and still feel with some consistent, correct training, he could do well.  He could also be terrible, so I still feel confident in my decision NOT to get him, not even to take him on trial. 

So, I had a conversation with my trainer last night after looking at that horse and we discussed just a hair more about what I want and don’t want.  I said I really don’t want a thoroughbred. She said I shouldn’t scratch them off so quickly – there are nice ones out there. 

 The only horses at their barn that I ride are all thoroughbreds – every one of them.  Well, I did ride a quarter horse there once, and while I loved him on the flat I couldn’t control him over fences.  Some of their thoroughbreds I enjoy tremendously, while some of their thoroughbreds I’m not so crazy about.  

But I told my trainer that I had a couple thoroughbreds in my time that would bolt like crazy and drag me around the arena (or open trail) until they hit a wall (literally) or I fell off (much more frequently.  And I had one thoroughbred that was an angel at home – quiet, calm, 3 excellent gaits and a brilliant jump.  Take him to a show though and it was a whole different story – rearing, running, uncontrollable maniac.    I just don’t want those things again, and find it hard, given my entire riding history of thoroughbreds that still think they’re on the track, to believe that I could successfully own, ride, and show another one.

Don’t get me wrong. I like thoroughbreds.  I used to love them. They were all I rode, ever. I would ride ones straight off the track, to ones that had no work at all after being off the track for years. I would retrain thoroughbreds and ride greenies day in and day out. I used to ride 3,4,5 different ones a day.  I was obsessed with thoroughbreds. I used to keep tabs on all the races, and follow along with what horses were running, how they were doing, and who was in the running for the Triple Crown. I wanted to own a farm called Thoroughbred Run, dedicated solely to the breeding and retraining of thoroughbreds for hunter/jumper, dressage, and eventing.  I had it all planned.

And I didn’t mind the bolting, bucking, rearing, spooking, and general head-high greenness. They were really the only thing I knew.  And then… fast forward about 15 years and well… not so much any more. LOL.  My body breaks now, and hospital visits cost too much.  I’m not so sure I want the added risk, as if jumping isn’t dangerous alone, of training/retraining and trying to show/jump another thoroughbred.  LOL. 

I wish I had fifty thousand to buy a fancy warmblood that is totally made, wouldn’t that be nice! LOL!  But I doubt I’d spend five thousand on a horse even if I had it to spend.  I said maybe I’d go up to as much as $3,000, but I wasn’t sure.  Maybe I’d consider that amount. 

So out of curiosity, I checked dreamhorse and equine and a couple other places like equinq now, horseville and horsetopia, with a pricing range of up to $3,500 just to see if there’s anything at that price that knocks my socks off.  There wasn’t one damned thing.  I included thoroughbreds too, just to see, only for curiosity sake.  Nothing. Not one horse tickled my willies LOL.  Not one.

The only ones I still like very much and would like to go see are the draft crosses 4 hours away.  But I don’t have $3,000 at this point.  So it would be rather pointless to go see a horse I really don’t have the money for.

But that’s OK.  Maybe a new horse will pop up tomorrow and he’ll be the perfect one.  Maybe it’ll take 6 months and I’ll have the money to buy a draft cross.   And it will be perfect. LOL 🙂

Only time will tell!

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I am a lifelong equestrian, photography enthusiast, sci-fi lover, and sci-fi convention & costuming geek that also loves movies and video games. I am a hard working 30 something woman that survived cancer and am looking forward to a long, healthy, self-empowered life. Welcome to my blog and I hope you enjoy reading about my horses (and the rest of my life) as much as I like writing about them.
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