Decision made …

Ok, well, I have finally, after a few days of debating, come to a decision about the black horse.  I know my trainer said he’s at least worth the look, because I have to remember that in my price range, I’m not going to find a sound and quiet horse to ride.  That may be true, I am not sure,  and I doubt I spend $5000 or more on a horse, even if I had that….

But anyway, I am not just going to jump on it because I have the money and the horse is for sale.  I spent all of Sunday, Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday thinking about that black horse.  He may be a great horse, and I may take him on trial, spend some of the money I’ve been saving for 6 months to board him, lesson on him, train him, vaccinate him and do a coggins, and he may turn out to be absolutely wonderful.  He might.  But he’s not terribly quiet, and he’ll be a lot of work to get him going, and I know he hasn’t been ridden in months and he still did OK with me, but I just think he’s too much work for me anymore.  Years ago when I was younger, I would probably have just bought him and not cared – because of the “I can handle it” syndrome I suffer from (aka – riding ego better the riding abiltiy), but it’s that attitude that got me into the horseless, confidence-less mess in the first place.

So last night, I called the owners of the black horse and cancelled my 2nd trip out there this weekend.  Besides, it’s supposed to rain anyway, and with no safe, gated, and secure area to ride in, plus the rain it wouldn’t have been good anyway…  Mostly, I just *dont’ feel it* in my gut.  I’d be more confident about that black horse if I got a good gut feeling on him.  I’ve ignored my gut before and it usually doesn’t turn out to my favor – so I’m going with my gut on this one and just not pursuing.

I am going to see the black and white paint next week, if he’s still available.  I am looking forward to that, and since he’s about 15 minutes from home, it’s not the end of the world to go over there.  It’s about 5 minutes from the lesson barn and my trainer said she’ll pop over there when I go, too.  So that could really work out.  The horse looks quiet and calm and seems like a nice boy.

In other news, my husband and the hackney pony are supposed to have a horse show tomorrow, but it is supposed to thunderstorm all night tonight and rain all day tomorrow.  So in that event, we will not go.  They usually don’t cancel the show, unless the weather is super severe, but with deep sand footing, a heavy cart, and a little pony, I’m not going to risk any injuries just for one show.  Better to cancel and go to the next.  Ironically, the weather has stayed dry for the last 2 weeks, just like I hoped – to ensure the sande arena out there is nice and dry and easy to drive in, and then, 12 hours before the show, it’s going to downpour.

LOL.  Well, anyway, if the show tomorrow is a no-go, there’s a show on May 15th which will be a lot of fun for my husband.  The last few years we could not attend becuase we didn’t have the right vehicle. Pneumatic wheeled carts were not allowed.  Now that we have a Meadowbrook wood wheeled cart, they can show.  They’ll have their normal classes, pleasure driving, pony driving, pony reinsmanship, and they’ll also fun classes like cones, barrels and poles.

It’s a good show, at a nice showground, and we’ve seen the horses from that show before- morgans.  With a good turnout in the driving, because it’s an open show with all breeds allowed.  So they’ll be some serious fancy horses there (national standing morgans) as well as other breeds to compete against.  They might do well, they might not, but they should have fun.  Last night I introduced my husband to the cloverleaf barrel pattern and then the pole pattern, and he had a lot of fun doing them – got Luke going pretty quick, too.

It should be fun, and it’s something different for them to do.  They’ve been working hard in the arena the last 8 or 10 days or so, so I think a nice trail drive will be in order maybe this weekend, weather dependant, or else next week some time. 

I’ve started Dixie the mini back to driving too so she’s ready to go.  She’ s getting up there in age!  I can’t believe she’s 15 years old already and she’s got gray on her face!  LOL.  Maybe we’ll go trail driving together in the near future.  I need to work on a tool kit for the meadowbrook. 

My husband expressed interest in doing a marathon – which I find ironic because he won’t canter the pony in an arena.  But I guess, novice marathons are all trotting anyway.  But it’s 5 miles, and the pony would have to pull my husband and myself as a navigator.  And we have to have an emergency tool kit.  So, to train for this fiasco that may or may not happen, I want to put together an emergency kit to keep the compartment on the meadowbrook.  I just need to gather all the supplies needed for that – and soon – it’s required appointment for the show on May 15th.

In the mean time, my horse search shall continue.  Perhaps this paint will work out, perhaps not. Either way, I’ll just muddle on.

Check out my photography blog for some pictures, which are slowly improving – and visit my YouTube site, too!


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