Moving on

Ok, I admit.  I play the lottery. Contstantly. I buy tickets every week (twice a week actually), and I buy scratch offs from time to time too.  Sometimes I get on little streaks.  I’ve won $100 in one shot before.  Usually I win $5 or $10, but I’ve also won $30 and $50 and $75.  I hit 4 numbers out of 6 in the lotto once, which earned me $32.00.  LOL.  I always wish for a few more zeros.  What a fantastic way to wipe the slate clean and buy a house (and a new horse).  The one thing I wouldn’t change? 

My car.  I love my car.  I’ve had my baby for 6 years now and through over 100,000 miles.  I’ve seen it turn over and I know I’ll see it turn over to 200,000 miles (only 14,000 more to go).  That car is awesome, looks great for being 12 years old and has barely ever had any problems. I did rip the driver’s door off once… a minor oops on my part. I hate when concrete buildings jump in the way while you’re backing up with the door wide open like an idiot.  LOL.  ::rolleyes::

But anyway I bought a couple tickets for a drawing for high money prizes done by the lottery.  They’re expensive raffle tickets, but I bought 2 hoping (really hoping) that maybe I could win a million dollars, or even a hundred thousand. I didn’t.  So I’m actually a little bummed today.  I was hoping to pocket enough money to clear off my debt and pocket a little side cash to expand my horse search to slightly more costly animals.  Nope.  Now it’s time to forget that and move on.

Also, it is time to move on from all the previous horses I’ve listed.  Good bye very cute and yet still ugly bald face paint whose sellers never contacted me back .  Goodbye cute little black quarter horse whose been for sale since December and you think your sellers would want to get you gone.  Goodbye random other little paints and quarter horses and thoroughbreds whos sellers also never called me back.  goodbye horse dealer who couldn’t be bothered to call me back even though you think you’d want to entertain a potentail buyer to run your business. 

I’ve washed my hands and will look elsewhere.  It’s not worth the effort. 

I did talk to the seller of the draft crosses and confirmed that she is about a 4 hour haul from me.  I really really wish she was closer, but making a 4 hour trek is just not realistic for me now, nor do I think ever.  Plus, they are a little more expensive than they really should be for their age/training.  I think they are great horses, but it’s just not something I’m going to be able to do. 

Moving on. 

Hopefully I will end up finding a percheron or belgian paint or Quarter  Horse cross from an independant seller.  Lickety was bought out a field, and went from standing around for YEARS doing nothing to becoming my very best show horse.  Maybe I’ll find another Lickety.  Believe me, after I realized the mistake I made selling him, I tried buying him back… Problem is, when you have a good, no GREAT, horse that you’re dumb enough to sell to “move on”, the people you’ve sold him to will like him so much that they refuse to part with him.  Even for MORE MONEY than they paid.  I tried.  But I am glad to say that Lickety has been living with those people for over 7 years now and he’s happy, healthy, and probably pushing 25 as it is now, so he doesn’t need to be my hunter horse anymore ! LOL.  I was very grateful to the owner of him now to have sent me a recent image of him. Lickety looks great. Just great.  And the people clearly love him.

That’s a nice thing – to know where a horse you sold has gone to.

I know where a few horses ended up, but I don’t know where they all went.

My precious Lady, my first horse, went to horse heaven at my side and I will see her again someday I truly hope.

Lickety is still doing well.

I know another horse I sold, Nite Lite, went to a nice woman who was sharing him with her daughter and last I talked to them, they were jumping him a little for fun and trail riding mostly.  He was doing well and working well for them.

I know one other horse I sold ended up drowning in a pond.  It’s sad, but at least I know where she was, and where she ended up.  She was being ridden by a 13 year old girl who just loved her.  It’s very bad to have ponds in pastures – when the ice covers them – bad things can happen to a horse that falls through.

Spyder, my hanoverian mare, I was told went to a family a few hours away to be a hunter and broodmare. I assume that’s a fact, but I really don’t know where she is for sure. I hope she’s doing well and working out for her new people wherever she may be.

The biggest mysteries in my life are Starship and Zoltan.  They just dropped off the face of the planet after selling them and my years and years of trying to find them have panned out into nothing.  I heard Starship maybe was kept at one barn, but I checked there twice for him and no one knew him. I was told he might be showing on a show circuit, but I checked with the committee and no one recognized the horse.  Zoltan, I tried and tried and tried, ran ads, put up posts online, nothing, ever. 

He would be 19 this year, and I do hope he’s still around, alive, and happy.  I just hope he didn’t end up southbound.  I should not have sold him.

Tate, I kept and kept and kept, I tried to give him away and several people came to look at him,  some of whom seemed to be very nice, but out of a fear of not knowing what would happen to a horse that was a little too lame and mostly too uncomfortable to really do much of anything, I chose to keep him and finally euthanize him.  He’s buried now, behind the arena at the farm where we board. That’s a decisioin I don’t necessarily agree with, that was my husband’s wishes for the horse.

Personally, I don’t like the thought of Tate rotting away underground, and for the first few weeks all I could think about, seeing that big pile of dirt, was his flesh rotting away and his bones laying there.  It still bothers me.  I don’t like the thought of burials. I’m a cremation person. I couldn’t afford to cremate a horse, so my personal preference would have been to render the horse.  At least then, he gets used for something and his death would have been productive.   Mane and tail for musical instruments or brushes, skin for leather, bones and hooves for glue and fertilizer, muscle for meat products.  It’s gruesome, but useful.  My husband didn’t like that idea, so now the horse is under a lump of ground, which I dont’ like at all.

Dixie the mini we’ve owned for 4 years already and she’s not going anywhere, and Luke is a treasure that you just don’t get rid of. I learned from Lickety, that you do NOT pass along a great horse.  Luke will be with us  forever, and I am thankful for that.  I’m looking forward to getting him driving, hopefully next week he’ll get hitched for the spring again.  Today I plan on ground driving him, taking advantage of the insanely beautiful weather before it SNOWS again on Saturday.  Yep. snow.  I’m going to work on his Spanish Walk today a little more and also his bow.   I picked up a book  called Trickonometry which shows how to teach your horses several tricks – just about everything except the Spanish Walk.  Funny how that’s not in any reading material I can find at all.  But when I have a chance to sit down and read this book, I would like to use it on both ponies to get them learning to lay down, bow on both knees, and maybe a few other tricks, too.

Sunday I plan on doing more practice photography, which I cannot wait to go do!! 

In the mean while I had a really fun riding lesson the other day on my hunter horse that I love.  I wish I could ride a little more often, but in the end, hopefully I’ll have a horse of my own again to ride 3-4 times a week and that will be worth the sacrificed riding lessons for the next several months.

Or years.  Honestly, it could take that long to buy a new horse – in part because people just don’t call back, and in part because I am going to be more careful than I’ve ever been I think, about buying a horse this time around so it doesn’t go all south again.  I jokingly told my husband that he should pick the horse for me, as he seems to have better luck than I do with horses now a days, although actually, I’m the one that picked the hackney for him.  Out of the 6 we saw over a 2 month period, Luke was definitely the right one, I just “knew it”. Thank goodness I was right.

So anyway, since I’ve moved on from all the other little horseys that I’ve pictured here in the last week or 2, I’ve got one new one I’m curious about.  My trainer also told me about 2 paints she knows for sale that “aren’t terribly expensive”.  Now, for this barn, “not terribly expensive” could mean $5,000. LOL.  I didn’t ask a lot of details about them, because she said the magic word: “mare”.   I really don’t think I want another mare. I  mean, Dixie’s a good mare, although if she weighed 1000 pounds instead of 300 and acted the way she does that would NOT be a good mare.  She’s a pain in the butt, but at her size, you can handle it.  If she were 16hands and 700 more pounds, she’d be the kind of mare no one would ever want to handle or touch half the time! LOL.  Lady was wonderful and precious and dear to me.  But the other 2 mares I’ve owned didn’t pan out so well, the last one especially. 

Still, my trainer said she’s going to take a look at those paints and see what she thinks of them for me.  One is 16hands and 9 and the other is 6 and I think 15.3 or something.  Good sizes, decent ages, so we’ll see.  It’s kind of neat having a trainer looking at horses for me, LOL. I’ve never had a trainer shop for me before. Never.  Even when I was taking lessons at a show barn and had 2 trainers I was working with, even when I ASKED THEM to come look a horse or two with me, they never did, and so I made my decisions on my own.   

Maybe it’s because I’m older now, or on a stricter budget (or non existant budget), or maybe it’s just becuase of my previous bad experiences, but I just do NOT want to go at a horse all alone again.

Anyway, I ran across an ad the other day for a horse about an hour from me that’s 11 years old, 16 hands and a Quarter Horse gelding. Some arena experience, more trail experience.  His price is awesome, and definitely worth asking about.  And HARK! I actually got a response from this owner. Hallelujha!!  They said he does OK in an arena but needs work on his canter. Good on trails, not spooky, etc,etc, etc.  They will be sending me some pictures at some point.

So, does he need work in at the canter in an arena because he’s not muscled up and balanced, or is it becuase he’s arthritic or has OCD or something, or is it because his riders don’t use enough leg, or is it because he’s not well broke or does he buck and bolt and go crazy when he feels leg pressure? This remains to be seen.

Can’t wait to see pictures.  He’s worth the drive, I suppose. If he looks decent in the pictures.  And of course – HE’S CHESTNUT!  LOL.  I’m going to end up with the last color I’d ever pick for a horse.  Seriously.  I will end up with a chestnut horse – just watch.  I want a black and white paint or a buckskin or a grey – something flashy and different and pretty, but I’ll end up with a plain jane red head.  Betcha 10 bucks. LOL.

Have a great day and visit my photography site, and YouTube channel!!!


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